Frequently Asked Questions

Business operation

The following activities are prohibited with IBCs:

  • Conduct business with residents in Anguilla;
  • Carry on business related to banking, trust, insurance, company management services;
  • Own or hold interests in real property situated in Anguilla

Anguilla Company director/shareholder/beneficial owner

Anguilla IBC Act doesn’t require specific number of directors. However, the minimum of director/shareholder need to be at least one, and can be the same person.

The registers of directors/shareholders are not made available to the public. In addition, an IBC can elect to file with the Registrar or not, but the information must be kept with the registered agent through due diligence process.

Meetings of company directors/shareholders can be organized in any manner and places that the director considers necessary or desirable.

Yes, director of an IBC can be individual or the body corporate.

Share capital

An IBC is allowed to issue almost all types of share such as registered shares, non-voting shares, bearer shares, shares with a par and no par value, shares with special privileges related to dividends, redemption.

All shares issued must be paid up in full.

Annual maintenance

An Anguilla IBC has to maintain its financial records, but don’t have to file financial statements, annual return or tax return.

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