True copy certification

Certified copies of company docsYou might find yourself in situations that need certified copies of corporation documents by registered agents like opening bank accounts, replacing lost documents, or foreign qualifications, etc.150$
ApostilleApostille certification is a formal name for a bureaucratic procedure, by which official documents issued in one country are certified in a uniform way, so that they become formally acceptable in a different country.280$

Document retrieval services

Certificate of Good Standing (short form)A Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) is an official document, issued by the Registry of Companies. A CGS confirms that a particular company legally exists, has complied with all the administrative requirements as to its continued registration and has paid all government duties, and, therefore, is “in good standing” vis-a-vis the Companies Register as of the date of issue.150$
Certificate of IncumbencyCI of an offshore company is an official attestation issued by its registered agent or authorities of the jurisdiction of incorporation which states the person(s) listed is (are) the actual director/shareholder of the company. CI is mandatory for opening a corporate bank account.125$

Legal administration

Change of company nameWe help you to check your company name's uniqueness, ensure legal compliance and file name change to the Registrar and other relevant local authorities.600$
Change of company membersPrice applied per filing600$
Increase number of sharesAuthorized capital is the maximum amount of capital a company can raise through shares and is stipulated in a company's constitutional documents. You might wish to increase the registered capital to issue new shares or increase paid-in capital.600$
Dissolve or close an LLC or a CorporationClosing down an LLC/Corporation involves several steps that include filing certificates of dissolution/cancellation to be officially recognized. By using our service, we will consult and help you prepare documents for filing to the Division of Corporations.600$

Other services

EIN applicationEmployer Identification Number (EIN) is also known for Federal tax id. This would be required should you need to hire employees or apply for a bank account in the U.S.150$
Expedited filing (24hr)We guarantee to submit your filing the same business day once receiving the order and all required information. Still, you have to avail this service to speed up processing time of the Registrar. And fees vary by types of filing and documents.Varies

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