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BBCIncorp is an industry-leading corporate advisory firm based in Hong Kong. Towards the company’s goal which is to follow every step of where our clients find their business opportunities, BBCIncorp is now expanding our serviced country networks to offer more available options for our clients. Accordingly, Vietnam will be the 19th jurisdiction added into our list of global serviced countries.

Vietnam Outlook: Why should foreigners consider?

We reach Vietnam as it is one of the most promising investment locations for foreign entrepreneurs. While COVID-19 hit global economy and US-China trade tension threatened to break world’s supply chain, investors started to look for other investment alternatives in frontier markets, and Vietnam emerged as a bright spot on the map.

Not only is it an affordable country to live, but this country can also bring about many potentials thanks to its booming market in every corner and ideal geographical location for regional market entry. Check out Vietnam key highlights below to get you a glance at the jurisdiction!

  • Vietnam is among the fastest-escalating economies in Asia – over 7% GDP growth rate in 2019;
  • Vietnam paves the way for your accessibility to the world’s most dynamic and potential market – Southeast Asia;
  • Vietnam is home to a long list of foreign investment projects to pour in – over 30,000 FDI projects with total registered capital of US$362 billion (Dec 2019), according to Ministry of Planning and Investment;
  • Vietnam grants foreign business presences with tons of incentives – preferential tax rates up to 15 years, wholly or partial tax holiday;
  • Vietnam is likely to be the next manufacturing hotspot thanks to its low cost and competitive labor force;
  • Vietnam in the global arena: 15 free trade agreements with different countries, facilitating trading opportunities for startups and SMEs;

BBCIncorp’s services for Vietnam companies

We take clients through effective solutions to start your business operations in Vietnam. You can use our Vietnam company formation service to get your desired company incorporated within 2 – 3 months. We can also provide supporting services namely accounting and auditing, bank account opening, trademark registration services and so forth.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information about our services for Vietnam companies!

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