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As entrepreneurs, your businesses are always in motion: starting with an idea, making the first sale, and then expanding globally. But businesses need a payment experience that evolves with them at every stage of the journey. We believe this also, which is why BBCIncorp has partnered with Neat.

bbcincorp x neat partnership

1. Introduction to BBCIncorp x Neat partnership

In Hong Kong, there are over 340,000 small businesses which account for about 98% of total businesses. Hong Kong has always been the first choice for businesses to incorporate because it is an international hub, provides easy access to Mainland China and the taxes are competitive.

Still, getting access to financial services, to ensure convenience and the smooth running of your business in Hong Kong is not an easy task. In aiming to provide you with simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in attachment to the incorporation process, BBCIncorp and Neat have collaborated to turn your such challenge into new opportunities.

Neat is a fintech based in Hong Kong and was built for the new economy – where borders are disappearing and it is easier than ever to start a global business. We have put together a short guide (See Section 3 below) to help you set up a Neat account and get the most out of using the Neat products and services.

Since 2019, BBCIncorp has been working closely with Neat to offer our customers fast and convenient payment-associated services all available under one Neat account. You can access a Neat dashboard, multi-currency wallets which are integrated to maximize your international trade strategies, and Neat visa card services.

2. Why choosing BBCIncorp x Neat

The collaboration between BBCIncorp and Neat comes with exclusive privileges. The big plus? No visit is required to open a Neat account in Hong Kong! Everything is done remotely – apply and get approved online.

Once you have incorporated your business with BBCIncorp, we will give you a link to follow which will take you to the Neat application form. The signup for Neat is 100% online, so you won’t need to travel into any branches with physical documentation. BBCIncorp team is also always available to answer any of your queries while registering and using Neat. Our direct and close linkage ensures quick and efficient support delivered to our customers.

The scenario is, the global COVID-19 pandemic currently striking all corners of the world. We believe this is indeed a great advantage to facilitate your desired business operation and all transactions, keeping everything safe and smooth.

3. Short guide to using Neat

We will take you through a short guide to using Neat, specifically looking at:

  • Signing up to Neat
  • Setting up your wallets
  • Setting up your Neat Visa card

Let’s dive in!

Signing up to Neat. After having incorporated your Hong Kong company with BBCIncorp, you are given a link to Neat signup gateway.

The signup process with Neat will take you through four steps:

  • Company information
  • Company members
  • The nature of your business
  • Board resolution

Once you have filled in the details you will be able to track the status of your application by using the same email address and password that you created the application with.

Who can sign up for a Neat account?

  • Neat accepts any nationalities of directors and shareholders listed here. This list will be different depending on where your business is incorporated. Neat only accepts businesses that are incorporated in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.
  • Neat also has a list of industries that are not supported which can be found here.

What documents will you need when applying for Neat?

  • As you have incorporated your business in Hong Kong already, you will need to submit your Board Resolution Certificate.
  • Photo of Passports – this will be needed for your business directors, shareholders, and account users.

Neat won’t ask for any other documentation, as they download them from the companies registry making the signup easier for you.

**As part of our partnership with Neat, you will receive a 500HKD welcome gift when you sign up using this link.

Setting up your wallets. With Neat, you can also set up collection wallets in multiple currencies to suit your business needs. The available currencies include HKD, USD, GBP, and EUR.

Integration with Xero is another big perk of using Neat. Now your bookkeeping can be organized as Xero will sync hourly with your Neat account.

Setting up your Neat Visa card. Neat also offers its customers a commercial card that is accepted worldwide. The Neat Visa card is currently available in HKD, and the USD card is on the way!

Let’s just highlight some of the features. Full control over your spending at anytime, anywhere. Plus, with the Xero integration setup, your transactions will be synced automatically.

Neat’s promise to you is that there are no hidden fees on your card. Moreover, it offers a bonus of 1% cashback on all your purchases and exclusive access to multiple discounts. For more information on the Neat Visa card click here.

BBCIncorp x Neat – Kicking off your business in no time

Forming a business in Hong Kong on your own is never an easy task. But with a trusted service provider namely BBCIncorp and an efficient financial solution like Neat, your business is in good hands.

Now you can incorporate your company in Hong Kong within 1 day, easily get a Neat account, receive a 500 HKD welcome gift in your HKD wallet, then get your business started. And the game-changing perk? All of these can be done completely online.

Want to see how BBCIncorp and Neat can work best for your business? Check out our offers!

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