Work Passes Application

Employment PassEmployment Pass is necessary for one who wish relocate to Singapore or for local companies who want to hire foreign professionals1250$
Dependant's PassIf you want to bring your family members to come and live with you in Singpaore,Dependant's Pass is a must.950$
Letter of Consent(LOC)Letter of Consent is a permission issued by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for dependants of the main pass holder to work in Singapore.300$

True copy certification services

Certified by CPACertify a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional person50$

Legal admin

Change of Company NameWe help you to check your company name's uniqueness, ensure legal compliance and file name change to the Registrar and other relevant local authorities.320$
Change of Director/ShareholderIncluding changes of 1 personnel, US$100 for additional change each220$
Increase in Authorized Share CapitalAuthorized capital is the maximum amount of capital a company can raise through shares and is stipulated in a company's constitutional documents. You might wish to increase the registered capital to issue new shares or increase paid-in capital.950$
Company RestorationWithin 6 months after company struck offFrom 1,050$
Company DissolutionBy using our service, we will consult and help you prepare related documents of closing your Singapore company for filing with the competent authority.1500$

Nominee services

Nominee directorNominee director service helps remain privacy of beneficial owner while maintaining real power on the administration of the company. Service includes one nominee director for 1 year with supporting documents (if any) such as PoA, undated signed resignation letter...1600$

Other services

Company Chop and SealA seal bearing company name and registration number would be issued. A company seal is required in some jurisdictions like Bahamas, Belize, Hong Kong and R.A.K250$
Consulting on Merchant AccountA merchant account is integral when setting up a payment gateway to facilitate receipt of online payment by debit/credit card. Our service will assist you to apply for the merchant account.99$

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