Company registration in Vietnam

  • Strategic location at the heart of Southeast Asia region with well-equipped infrastructure for international trading
  • Flexible corporate structure with 100% Foreign Ownership (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), or Joint Venture with local partner
  • No initial paid-up capital requirement for most activities, but registered capital must be paid up in full within 90 days from the registration date.
  • Fast-growing domestic market with a total population of over 97 million people as of 2019 year-end, and high growth of middle class
  • Promising alternative manufacturing hub for China with competitive labor cost, young, dynamic, and resourceful local workforce
  • Socio-political and macro-economic stability
  • Transformation of centrally-managed to a market-oriented economy with many investment and tax incentives for foreign investors
  • 15 Free trade agreements (FTAs) with its key trading partners. The most prominent among them are AFTA with Asian countries, EVFTA with European member states.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) / Join Stock Company (JSC)


At least one member / 3 shareholders


Required local registered address


No local legal representative requirement


No minimum capital requirement for most cases


No upfront paid-up capital

Viet Nam Company Formation Packages

* All listed packages are dedicated to company registration in HCM city only. Company formation in other cities would cost additional fee.

** Fees for applying sub-licenses fall outside the scope of above packages.

Additional fee for banking support

Additional fee for banking support


  • One-time fee for application of one bank
  • Consulting on the preparation of your chosen bank’s required documents
  • Preparing certified translated corporate documents if needed
  • Making appointment with your chosen bank in the supported list



  • One-time fee for application of up to 3 banks OR till account opened successfully, whichever comes first
  • Consulting on the preparation of your chosen bank’s required documents
  • Preparing certified translated corporate documents if needed
  • Meeting at registered office address for all applications


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Vietnam Company Incorporation Process

Create online order

BBCIncorp offers multiple packages of Vietnam company formation to meet your demands. During this process, we also provide free consulting to help you set up the right company structure as per your need.

Make payment

Your settlement can be made online via Credit card, Debit Card. Bank wire transfer is also acceptable.

Collect and Verify KYC documents

After receiving your order and payment, our customer service will contact you on the same day to confirm the order information and gather the required documents for incorporation in Vietnam.

Proceed the incorporation

The foreign corporate registration in Vietnam could be finished in 10 days or span from 2 to 3 months contingent on your selected business entity types, business sectors, and project’s scale.


Required Documents

For individual investors:
  • Copy of passport of all company members
  • Personal bank account confirmation letter proving financial capacity for an investment project
For corporate investors:
  • Copy of business registration certificate
  • Copied passport of the appointed legal representative of Vietnam company (if any)
  • Copied passport of legal representative managing contributed capital
  • Corporate bank account confirmation letter proving financial capacity for investment project, or
  • Audited financial statements for the last 2 years demonstrating financial capacity for an investment project.

Other documents like leasing contract for factory, warehouse, headquarter, etc.
Do note that all documents written in foreign languages must be translated into Vietnamese and consular legalized with remaining validity of no less than 3 months. Passport is not required as to the above.

Need more help to set up your business in Vietnam?

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It normally takes 2 to 3 months to set up a new company in Vietnam. This process comprises two main stages: applying for investment registration certificate (IRC) and Business registration certificate (BRC). The most time-consuming procedure lies within the application for IRC.

There are two ways that can help you reduce the waiting time for doing business in Vietnam. In particular, you can invest in an existing Vietnam company or establish a local company through your trusted nominee. Through this way, you don’t have to register for IRC or BRC. Otherwise, you can consider setting up a local branch or a representative office, depending upon your business’s needs.

Your company in Vietnam can be incorporated under two most common structures: (i) Limited Liability Company (LLC), or (ii) Joint Stock Company (JSC). An LLC is renowned for its simple structure, and is more suitable for small businesses. In contrast, if your business plan is rather large, and you intend to go for a public offering, a JSC would be your ideal fit.

Except for some highly regulated industries like finance, insurance, real estate, etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for company establishment in Vietnam.

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