Why doing business in Vietnam

Why Doing Business In Vietnam: Benefits vs Challenges

Still uncertain about doing business in Vietnam? Here we walk you through both the benefits and challenges of Vietnam business to reach your final decision!

13 Nov 2020
vietnam joint stock company

A Go-To Guide To Joint Stock Company In Vietnam

A joint stock company in Vietnam is the only business form allowed to issue shares. Find out key features of this type and how it is different from an LLC in Vietnam!

5 Nov 2020
How to Start a Business in Vietnam

2022 Update: How to Start A Business in Vietnam as A Foreigner

The summarized guideline of how to start a business in Vietnam as foreigners – from business restrictions to compliance documents and associated costs.

3 Nov 2020
Guide To Limited Liability Company

A General Guide to Limited Liability Company In Vietnam

A limited liability company in Vietnam is considered to be the most popular type of business entity in Vietnam. Below are key highlights of this business structure!

28 Oct 2020
2 Vietnam Business Register Certificate

2 Essential Business Registration Certificates in Vietnam for Foreigners

There are 2 essential business registration certificates in Vietnam that every foreigner should know: enterprise registration certificate and investment registration certificate

27 Oct 2020

Setting up a Vietnam sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship in Vietnam and everything you should know before getting yourself into it. This blog will answer the big question: is it ideal for foreigners?

15 Oct 2020

Setting Up A Representative Office in Vietnam

A brief insight into representative offices in Vietnam: who can establish, what are the rights and obligations, what is the procedure and what documents are required

12 Oct 2020
Vietnam company types

Types of Company in Vietnam for foreign investors

All types of company in Vietnam and their required documents as per the current law to establish that foreign investors should know of.

5 Oct 2020

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