About Beincom

Beincom is a fast-growing startup in the field of Financial Information and Education.

Founded in 2021, its flagship service, CMJ - Crypto Master Journey, empowers individuals with a deep understanding of the financial market.

Specializing in cryptocurrency and stock investments, Beincom guides learners on a passionate journey to become confident investors across various assets, such as crypto, stocks, real estate, and more.

In addition to CMJ, Beincom has also launched a special campaign focused on social networking technology and blockchain, aiming to foster meaningful engagement and allow people to build and find a place to be in.

From Vietnam to Singapore

Originally based in Vietnam, Beincom had its sights set on expanding to Singapore in 2023.

Hao Ho, Operations Manager at Beincom shares: "Singapore is the perfect choice for our next growth phase - a top financial hub in Asia, conveniently located near Vietnam for office expansion and service co-development plans."

Beincom's expansion extends beyond Singapore; they aim to establish a presence in other crypto-friendly nations like Australia, Ireland, and the United States.

about beincom

The challenge

Before embarking on the Singapore journey, Beincom already had a lot of experience with company setup and management in Vietnam.

Despite this background, they faced difficulties with Singapore’s unfamiliar legal landscape. This includes filing procedures, required documents, approval timelines, and more.

Additionally, incorporating in Singapore becomes even more complex when foreigners are involved.

Hao Ho looked at various options for incorporation and accounting services in Singapore and found BBCIncorp the perfect choice.


Registering a Singapore company requires at least one local director, which is very different from Vietnam. We found ourselves struggling with unfamiliar requirements like these and had to seek support from corporate service providers.”

Hao Ho - Operations Manager at Beincom


The solution

BBCIncorp offered a one-stop solution for all of Beincom's requirements in the Singapore market, from engaging a local Nominee Director and handling registration with authorities to meeting annual compliance and accounting deadlines. Everything was handled seamlessly.
This solution saved time and allowed Beincom to allocate resources to more critical projects, such as improving service quality, marketing, sales, and recruitment.

Setting up Beincom in Singapore was smooth and effortless with BBCIncorp.
We were able to remove the burden of dealing with Singapore's legal and regulatory, freeing up resources to grow our business further.

Hao Ho - Operations Manager at Beincom