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Intensive Paperwork Holding You Down? Our Corporate Secretarial Service Can Help With That

We make sure the only work you‘re swimming in is growing your business, not in a sea of documents. Keep up with all your filing obligations and never miss a deadline again.
Singapore company secretarial service

Singapore Secretarial Service

By law, every company in Singapore must have at least one corporate secretary under the Companies Act 1967 who will take on admistrative duties.

Our corporate secretaries will take care of neccessary filing obligations and act as a main point of contact for any future interactions your company may have with legislators.

Faciliating meetings

From AGM to board meetings, they make sure you‘re at the right place and time.

facilitate company meeting
update company information

Updating your information in the registers

Whether it‘s a change in key personnel or simply a letter in your company name, nothing goes unnoticed and gets updated to the Register almost as they happen.

Ensuring that your company stay compliant

You‘ll always be confident to know that there‘s always someone behind the scenes in charge of safeguarding your company from legal troubles.

ensure compliance


Tired of red tapes? Go blue today

We stay grounded with compliance matters so you can be free to live that entrepreneur life. Sit back and let everything get taken care of in the background.

  • One-to-one consulting
    We have our dedicated team of consultants that attends to the specific needs of your business.
  • Time efficiency
    Less paperwork, more time on growing. We'll care for all your ongoing compliance and daunting paperwork. So you have more time focusing on what really matters!
  • No hidden fee
    We prioritize truth and honest in our working manner and in dealing with our customers. No hidden charges guaranteed.
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What customers say about BBCIncorp

Our skillful secretary have helped thousands of businesses like yours with their corporate governance.


Georgi Karov


Lightning fast and precise service!

In my nearly a quarter of century practice, I can hardly name other than BBCIncorp corporate services company with such an instant and straight to the point response with so solid grasp on the needs of the client.


Siddhant Choyal


My #1 recommendation for company registrations

Daisy will guide you through everything and reply almost instantly 100% of the times. If you're looking got a HK LTD company, BBCIncorp would be my #1 recommendation. They do above and beyond, it was an absolute breeze working with them.


Georgi Karov


Lightning fast and precise service!

In my nearly a quarter of century practice, I can hardly name other than BBCIncorp corporate services company with such an instant and straight-to-the-point response with so solid grasp on the needs of the client.




Best Service !

I had the pleasure of dealing with Daisy to incorporate my company, the staff at BBCincorp are professional, knowledgable and cost-effective! best service, best price and extremely competent. Would recommend it again !


Hasitha Dissanayake


Thanks to Laura and the team for their…

Thanks to Laura and the team for their professionalism and responsiveness to assist us in our company formation and bank account opening, can recommend them to anyone.


Michael Stoeckle


Great job is done by BBCIncorp

The team from BBCIncorp was very fast in responding; I had an active and fruitful dialogue while the company was set up: The new venture was fully operational in less than a week which is great.




Very good company

Very good company. You can trust them. Frankly, this is the first time I have had to deal with a competent accountant. It changes greatly from France ^^. I had lost hope that a competent accountant existed in this world. BBCincorp gave me hope


Frank Duffy


I found BBCIncorp very easy to deal with…

I found BBCIncorp very easy to deal with, they explained everything in detail from the beginning and answered any queries I had very quickly. They were efficient, pleasant to work with & I would have no problem recommending them to anyone.


Andrii Ch


Highly professional and responsive experts

BBC Incorp is one of a kind international legal consultant and advisor of the highest caliber. I especially recommend working with Mrs. Linda Chen, who is a first-class legal specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Singapore corprorate secretary duties and functions?

The duties and functions of a Singapore corporate secretary are wide in scope. Mostly ranging from administrative to managerial function.

Below are some main duties you should know about:

  • Filing and updating with ACRA annual accounts and any particulars and status change of the company/directors
  • Maintaining and updating documents such as statutory registers of the company, minutes books of meetings
  • Arranging the company meetings
  • Handling other administrative matters

When to appoint a corporate secretary?

According to ACRA, every local company must appoint at least one secretary. Section 171 (4) of the Companies Act also prescribed that the office of secretary shall not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any time.

Why outsourcing corporate secretarial services is more efficient?

The shift from hiring a corporate secretary to outsourcing one from corporate secretarial services has gained significant attention over the years.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Costs effective

The corporate secretarial services would charge much lower for the same role.

By outsourcing, you can also cut training and recruitment costs associated with the secretary.

  • Expertise

Corporate secretarial services develop a certain level of expertise. This enables them to get things done accurately and quickly

For your company, this means achieving goals faster and avoiding mistakes that could hurt business bottom line.

  • No more regulatory burden

Outsourcing corporate secretarial role relief you from the stress of registration and compliance matters.

This means you have more time, energy, and resources to focus on business growth and development.

BBCIncorp's services help you fulfill the mandatory laws while saving costs on headcount and training.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested or need any help.