Let's walk you through the basics

What is a merchant account?

Merchant Account is a special bank account, which is provided by a merchant services provider.

This type of account is established for business purposes, allowing your company to process card-based sales and electronic payments. For instance credit and debit cards payment, contactless, and other forms of eCommerce transaction.

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Why need a merchant account?

Having a merchant account is very important if you want to give customers more check-out choices and better payment experiences.

Nothing could be more bothersome if your customers have to send checks or wire transfers when they’re buying from you.

Opening an merchant account helps you keep that competitive edge and grow your customer relationships.

why needs Singapore merchant account

Setting up online store

Launch your fully-hosted online store, and reach more customers.

expand market place

Optimizing payment option

Improve your customer experience by letting them pay the way they want.

convert more sales

Securing transaction

Protect yourself from fraud across sale channels with trusted merchant service providers.

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Why choose BBCIncorp as your merchant account support?

Even with the best merchant services, you can still experience issues and troubles.

This is where you need us. We act as connection between you and your account provider, keeping an eye on both end. So you can be sure to have a simple, stress-free experience.

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Dedicated and responsive support

Get the support, expert advice, and guidance for any difficulties you might encounter.

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Broad partnership network

Simply and flexibly connect with our broad network of merchant partners, available at your fingertips

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Transparent pricing

Only pay for what you need with our customized pricing that perfectly fit your styles and budgets, no hidden charges guaranteed.

Start your merchant account - easily and securely


Identify your business objectives and requirements


Apply for a merchant account with a suitable merchant service provider


Integrate a payment gateway into all your sale channels


Test your integration before going live


Start accepting payments and managing accounts your way

Required documents to register a merchant account

Preparing documents for account registration can be confusing, so we’re here to give you an essential checklist.

  • Application form

    • A scanned copy of passport of the person who will represent your company

      • Your company profiles together with company incorporation certificate

        • Bank account information

          **Please note that the country where you incorporate company and open bank account must be the same.


          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are merchant services providers?

          They're third-party organizations that serve as intermediaries between your businesses and the banks or financial institutions that process payments.

          What merchant services can do for your business?

          The 2 main things merchant services offer your business include:

          • Enabling your business to take credit and debit card payments
          • Making sure customers' card transactions are safe and secure.

          How many types of merchant service providers are there?

          There are several types of merchant services providers, including

          • Banks
          • Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)
          • Point-of-Sale (POS) system providers
          • Payment gateway providers, etc.

          Each type offers its own tools, services, and fees. Depending on the scale of your business, one model will be more expensive than another.

          What merchant service providers do BBCIncorp partners with?

          We're currently partnering with two big players in the field - Stripe and Paypal.

          How long to open a merchant account for my company?

          It normally takes 1 to 2 working days to approve your merchant account.

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