Vietnam Foreign Contractor Tax

Vietnam Foreign Contractor Tax: What Is It and How to Pay?

Foreign business entities doing business in Vietnam are subject to foreign contractor tax. In some cases, this tax can be seen as withholding tax in Vietnam.

23 Oct 2020
Vietnam Tax cover

Vietnam VAT: What You Need to Know

Almost all businesses in Vietnam need to register for VAT. There are 3 rates for different types of products and 2 methods to calculate Vietnam value added tax.

22 Oct 2020

Guide to Corporate Tax in Vietnam for Foreigners

The corporate income tax rate in Vietnam is 20% currently. However, the government offers lower tax rates and also tax exemptions to some enterprises.

16 Oct 2020

Guide to Personal Income Tax in Vietnam for Foreigners 2022

Personal income tax in Vietnam applies different tax rates to foreigners based on their residency status and types of income. Find out more with BBCIncorp.

14 Oct 2020
Vietnam Import Regulations

Vietnam import regulations in-depth explained

Understanding Vietnam import regulations and obtaining a license aren’t as hard as you think. This in-depth explanation can make you step closer to your business dream.

7 Oct 2020
Vietnam accounting standard

Vietnam Accounting Standards

Keynotes and in-depth details on Vietnam accounting standards that all foreign investors should know of. Keep yourself posted with the latest VAS before investing!

24 Sep 2020
Vietnam Tax Credit and Incentives

Get to know Vietnam tax credit and incentives

Get hold of tax incentives in Vietnam and what you’re up to if you decide to invest in it. No exaggeration to say Vietnam is an investment paradise for foreigners.

11 Sep 2020
Vietnam Tax System

Understanding Vietnam Tax System

A brief overview of the Vietnam Tax System that all foreigners should take into consideration. These taxes can heavily affect the way you do business in Vietnam.

8 Sep 2020

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