Singapore SSIC Code Search

Singapore SSIC Code Search (update 2022)

ssic code search

Find the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code relating to your business activities by using this search tool. The code is based on the latest SSIC version issued by the Department of Statistics.

Tutorial SSIC Code

The tool we created can help with your search for Singapore standard industrial classification (SSIC) code managed by ACRA. This code is useful for businesses when it comes to seeking government grants or incentives in Lion City.

With just a click, you can get access to the desired SSIC code for your business activity immediately. Check out the video to understand more about how the tool works.

What does SSIC code mean?

So, what is the SSIC code? What meaning does it have in the process of setting up the business in Singapore?

The SSIC code, shorten for Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code, is the number created by the Singapore government used to classify fields of business for administrative purposes.

To know the business activities your company operating are related to which SSIC code, the ACRA also provides the SSIC keyword search engine through the bizfile website.

The purposes of using the SSIC code are for:

  • Keeping Singapore stay updated on international standards, emerging businesses, and trends in the economy.
  • Helping the ACRA to determine which businesses need a license to carry out business activities
  • Helping the IRAS in determining whether the company can enjoy the tax incentives or not.

How to select the right SSIC code for your business

Before forming or registering a business in Singapore, you should know how a company selects the right SSIC code for its business activities. Here are our suggestions when choosing the SSIC code for your business activities:

Choose the codes that are relatable to your principal activity most, meaning activities that contribute most to your business profit/revenue.

The owners or entrepreneurs should be able to list the principal activities of your company. And then match it with the primary code.

If your company operates more than two business activities, select the SSIC code for the two activities which generate the most revenue.
In case none of the SSIC codes matches your business activity, you can submit a detailed description to Bizfile.
You should do some research about your field of business to see if it is eligible to tax deduction or has any unbeneficial regulations.

Most common SSIC code list singapore

For your convenience, we have gathered some of the commonly used SSIC codes classified by category here for your reference.

SSIC code latest change

After some time, the SSIC codes are reviewed to evaluate whether they can describe the business activity correctly or not. Some of the codes will be changed since they do not carry the same meaning as they are before. These changes are necessary for both the Singapore government and the business owner since this is a sign that the economic circumstances are changing.


Compared to the SSIC 2015 (Version 2018), the ACRA changes of business activity in the SSIC 2020 indicate some following highlights:

  • Inclusion of 5-digit definition for economic activities
  • Removal of obsolete codes
  • Improvement to the alphabetical index
  • New 5-digit codes for online marketplaces
  • Merging of retail sale channels
  • Re-scoping of SSIC 854 “Other education”

For more information, you can check out the Complete report (SSIC 2020)

After checking SSIC code, then what comes next?

After choosing the SSIC code for your business activities, follow some check-ups to get a better picture of the business industry you are in, and comply with those.

1. Check business licensing requirements


Reviewing your SSIC code to know whether you need to follow business licensing requirements in Singapore.

After checking SSIC codes, you should check licensing requirements. Some industries only require one license in Singapore, while the others require multiple. For instance, in terms of retail license Singapore, you need to consider the nature of the good to know what kind of license is needed for business operating. For a better understanding, feel free to check out our article about 14 Licenses and Permits for some specific business types in Singapore.


2. Assess your eligibility for Singapore grant incentives and schemes


SSIC code is also used to determine your company’s eligibility for grants or tax incentives and other government support programs.

access eligibility

Do your research thoroughly so that you will not miss any opportunities to enjoy the benefits. Singapore is known for its business-friendly environment. It offers many programs to encourage start-up growth. So don't miss out on your business chances to see if your company is eligible for government grants, or business grants after choosing the SSIC code with our Singapore grants and incentives tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SSIC code?

The SSIC code is the number the Singapore government used for administrative purposes.

How do I find my company's SSIC code?

First, you will need to determine which of your business activities is the primary activity, referring to the activity that contributes most to the profit of the company. Then, find the code that reflects the closest to your primary business activity on the ACRA website or our SSIC search.

Is SSIC Code important?

Yes. This will determine whether your corporation will need licenses for business activities and be eligible for any tax incentives, grants or not.

How many SSIC codes can a company have?

According to the ARCA, a company can have up to 2 SSIC codes.

Can I change my SSIC code?

Yes. If after operating and you find that the SSIC code does not fit the business activities you are doing then you can contact ACRA for change. The process is rather simple. But it is advised that you must choose the SSIC code carefully. Ask some business attorney if you need to.

How do I change my company's SSIC?

All you need to do is have your business secretary send the application form to the ACRA.

What is a primary activity in business?

A primary activity refers to the activity that contributes the most to the profit, or value-added (VA), of one corporation.

What happens if I register for the wrong SSIC Code?

For having stated the SSIC code wrong, you will not get the license needed for the business activity you are doing. And you will not able to receive any tax incentives. Plus, you might have a bad reputation in the industry you are doing business with.

Do I need to register again after the SSIC code changed?

You will need to notice the ACRA for the SSIC code change suiting with your business activity. After the code change, some of the codes might not be able to describe the business activities you are doing so it is understandable for an SSIC code change.

Can the incorporation be delayed because of the code I chose?

Yes. Since some of the SSIC codes might need to be reviewed by Referral Authorities. It can take more time than you think, usually about 14 to 60 working days. Therefore, it is wise to check the code needs to be reviewed through the ACRA.