RCEP Vienamese business challenges

RCEP: Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses in Vietnam

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership marks important milestones in global economic integration. Let’s see what Vietnam will gain from the agreement.

3 Jun 2021
EU - VIETNAM free trade

EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement: A New Door For Vietnam’s Economy

Did you know that Vietnam has signed the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement that opens more investment prospects for foreigners? Let’s find out!

18 May 2021
Vietnam Investor Visa

How To Get A Vietnam Investor Visa: Guide and Tips You Can’t Miss

What are the requirements, and procedures to apply for a Vietnam investor visa? BBCIncorp will show you how to get the Vietnam investor visa in this article.

3 Mar 2021
Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam Business Visa: An Up-To-Date Guide On How To Apply

This article provides the latest information about the cost, requirements, and ways to apply for a Vietnam business visa that foreigners should know.

19 Feb 2021

Vietnam Virtual Office vs Co-Working Space: Which to choose?

Vietnam virtual office is an emerging trend for business people investing in Vietnam in recent years. Learn more on how it differs from a traditional physical office!

9 Nov 2020
Vietnam Business Culture: Must-know Tips For Foreigners

Vietnam Business Culture: Must-know Tips For Foreigners

Knowing Vietnam business culture can contribute greatly to the success of your doing business with Vietnamese partners. Let’s explore key highlights of this culture!

29 Oct 2020
2 Vietnam Business Register Certificate

2 Essential Business Registration Certificates in Vietnam for Foreigners

There are 2 essential business registration certificates in Vietnam that every foreigner should know: enterprise registration certificate and investment registration certificate

27 Oct 2020
Vietnam Guide To Hiring

Guide to Hiring: Basic Terms of Employment Contract in Vietnam

Details on parties, obligation, working hours, wages (higher than minimum wage in Vietnam) and other benefits must be included in an employment contract in Vietnam

26 Oct 2020
Vietnam Work Permit

Obtaining a Vietnam Work Permit

Wondering how to get a work permit in Vietnam in 2020? Here is a detailed article on how to apply for foreigners who are planning to move to Vietnam.

8 Oct 2020
Vietnam Import Regulations

Vietnam import regulations in-depth explained

Understanding Vietnam import regulations and obtaining a license aren’t as hard as you think. This in-depth explanation can make you step closer to your business dream.

7 Oct 2020

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