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Offshore Company Registration in Cayman Islands

  • Well-regulated legislation framework for the international financial sector;
  • A thriving financial system with numerous licensed institutions providing an extensive range of financial products;
  • There are no corporate income, capital gains, payroll, property, withholding or other direct taxes;
  • No exchange control or restriction on cross-border transactions;
  • Flexible company structures adapting multiple business objectives, minimal company maintenance requirements;
  • Company members’ identities are protected and not available to the general public.

Cayman Islands Exempted Company


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Cayman Islands Company Formation Packages

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Cayman Islands Company Incorporation Process

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BBCIncorp offers multiple packages of Cayman Islands offshore company formation that suit your goals. Our order platform is designed for easy onboarding experience. All information filled in is secured over 256-bit encrypted line.

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You can settle payment for services via flexible payment options including debit/credit card of Visa, Master, Amex or Bank Transfer.

Collect and verify documents

After receiving payment in full, we will proceed with obtaining your information necessary for incorporation via KYC online form. We also guide you to properly prepare documents to form your company in Cayman Islands.

Incorporate your company

Upon collecting duly prepared documents, application form would be sent to the Company Registry to incorporate your business in Cayman Islands. The digital copies of corporate documents are expected to be available within 48 hrs.

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Required Documents

The list below presents general documents needed for Cayman Islands offshore company formation. Contact us if you need further details!
  • Notarized / Certified true copies of valid passports for all directors/shareholders
  • Notarized / Certified true copies of residency proofs for all company directors/shareholders (i.e. utility bill or credit card bill)
All needed to be dated within 3 months at the time of documents submission.
We also provide true copy certification service for your personal identity documents as per your need.

* See certified true copy guide

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An exempted company is not subject to any kind of corporate taxation given that the company conducts its business mainly outside of Cayman Islands. In addition, the company can request a tax exemption certificate to ensure its tax-free status for a period of up to 20 years.

Register of company shareholders is not open to the general public. Moreover, company maintenance procedures are simple and straightforward. The company doesn’t need to file its annual account to the government.

The name of an exempted company should not contain restricted words i.e. “royal”, “imperial”, “empire”, “municipal”, “chartered”, “co-operative”, “insurance”, “bank”, “assurance”, “gaming”, “lottery”... except with the prior consent of the Registrar. The name must also not be identical to the existing companies already registered. An exempt company does not need to include the word “Limited” or “Ltd” after its name.

Hard copies of corporate documents are ready in around 2-3 working days since full inception of all required documents. Express company formation in 24hrs for Cayman Islands company is also available if requested.

An exempted company have to maintain its local registered agent, registered address. Furthermore, the company needs to pay annual government fee and file an annual return to the Registrar declaring that no changes, other than ones already notified to the Registrar, has been made in Memorandum of Association and no business has been carried out within the country.

Some business activities required licensing by Cayman Islands Money Authority (CIMA) are banking, money services, insurance, trust, company management services, investment fund, dealing with securities…

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