Accounting & Auditing

We can help you prepare and maintain accounting records to stay compliant with local regulations. Our local qualified accountants can also assist to prepare management reports with a review on a predetermined frequency to support your decision making process. Our specialized accounting system can work effectively to help you remove the needs for an in-house accounting department which is sometimes cost-ineffective to set up and maintain.

Our solutions include:

  • Maintaining accounting records, including cash books, general ledgers, fixed assets, accounts receivables, and payable.
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts, cash flow statements for management purposes.
  • Preparing annual financial statements.
  • Attending to the auditors during review of the company’s financial records.
  • Administering the payroll process, including calculating and crediting of the net remuneration to individual employee’s bank account.
  • Setting up a mandatory provident fund scheme.
  • Arranging for retiring member benefits to be transferred into their new employer or into a preserved account.
  • Completing the filing of employment with the local authorities.
  • Application and renewal of employment visa.

Tax Compliance Services

The complex and constantly changing tax laws across many countries make the task of remaining compliant become more difficult for business owners, especially with startups and small companies. This leads to an obvious trend for outsourcing these functionalities to 3rd parties with specialized capacities to handle these compliance requirements.

BBCIncorp can assist you to manage tax obligations with tailored solutions as follows:

  • Tax preparation including computing and filing appropriate tax returns to local authorities.
  • Review tax assessments and notify you of any necessary tax payments.
  • Assist in handling tax authority queries, tax field audits and investigation.
  • Other local tax compliance requirements.

What makes us your good fit


Local qualified experts

Our team comprises local experts with relevant qualifications and years of hands-on experience in varied industries


Flexible solutions

We offer multiple packages that easily comfort needs of businesses ranging from startups to small and medium companies


Accurate and timely reports

You can definitely rely on our management reports for monitoring your operation as we use strict framework and automation for producing such reports


Excellent communication

No worry of jargon anymore. We only use plain English to communicate with our clients to help them make better-informed decisions


Seamless technical integration

Whatever accounting software you use i.e. Xero, Quickbooks or local mandated ones, we can easily adapt to meet your requirements

How It Works ?


Acquire your expectations and references along with offering several service packages tailored to your needs for selection.


Set up an internal system with roles and accounting procedures clearly set out. We will also discuss an effective workflow for exchanging and sharing information.


Daily transaction records being processed and listed in the accounting system on a pre-specified frequency. All other supporting documents during the ordinary course of business will be maintained.


Closing books and compiling financial statements for a predetermined period. Finalized accounts being delivered to you for review and approval.


Business review and analysis: At the end of each accounting period, we will talk with you about internal framework analysis and business management reports with a plan for upcoming improvements.

Accounting required documents

  • Company bank statements for the accounting reference period

  • Sales orders/invoices

  • List of customer’s deposits and pre-payments outstanding

  • Purchase invoices from suppliers, both paid and unpaid

  • Cash Expense receipts

  • Inventory listing

  • Documents pertaining to purchase, major repair and sales of fixed assets

  • Detailed payroll information

  • Any other related documents i.e. bank loans, lease agreements, insurance,...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing of accounting & auditing service?

Our service charges are based on volume and complexity of your transactions. We offer multiple service pricing tiers which can easily adapt to various business purposes and sizes.

What software do you use?

We currently use Xero for accounting purpose. But do not worry, our local accounting team can undoubtedly handle if you want to use other ones.

How do I ensure that my data are totally secured?

You can rest assured that your data will be safe with us. We reinforce security of clients" data based on three pillars:

  • We have enforced data security policy in place to govern activities of internal departments and staffs involving in dealing with data and information.
  • Secured data servers with restricted access and frequent monitoring on safety of information.
  • Public privacy policy to our clients and contractual commitment by Non-disclosure agreement.

What countries do you offer your service in?

At this time, we provide accounting & auditing services in Hong Kong, Singapore and UK.

What methods can I use to submit my data?

We are flexible so you can freely choose your preferred methods. Below are some suggestions you might consider:

  • Send to us via email.
  • Get access to documents through cloud storage.
  • Remote access to your internal system.
  • Access through web-based accounting software.

Can I do bookkeeping myself for my company?

Yes, you can definitely do accounting yourself. But smart business owners choose to outsource to accounting professionals who can do it in a much more efficient way, so they can have more time to focus on their core business.

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