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Acquiring necessary documents to prove your company legal identity and compliance status are parts of normal business activities in such cases as due diligence process for business cooperation, seeking funds from investors, opening bank accounts, and so on. Different countries have distinct legal documents used for respective purposes accompanied with its own process.
Doing research and gathering the documents on your own might result in a time delaying, collecting wrong document type, and subsequent losing business opportunities or failing for legal compliance.
BBCIncorp can help you get your company documents needed in a timely and reliable manner with our document retrieval services.
Types of documents we provide include:
  • Tax status certificates
  • Formation documents
  • Company Local registers
  • Certificate of incumbency
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Certified copies; document authentication or legalization.

What set us apart

Fast & accurate

we make it fast and efficient by leveraging our local expertise and easy client onboarding process

Reliable service

We strive to get your needs and conduct thorough research to make sure you receive the right local documents

Efficient communication

Effective lines of communication are ready to allow us to never miss a thing from you and better understand your requirements


Get to know our document retrieval services

We provide below true copy certified types:

  • Certified by Registered Agent
  • Certified by Notary Public
  • Apostille on documents
  • Legalization by Embassy
  • Certified by CPA

With documents certified by registered agent or notary public, quoted prices comprise a set of 3 to 6 documents.

It depends on the country and type of documents, but we can handle under strict timeframe as per your needs.

You can choose to receive only digital copies or physical documents delivered to your mailbox with a small shipping fee.

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