About Cosugames

Founded in 2022 by Long Tran, Cosugames is on a mission to connect users with their creative potential, fostering a community where everyone can thrive as content creators, contributors, and active members of a dynamic virtual world.

Their first step on this exciting journey is the project known as "Deverse World" where adventure meets opportunities.

Since its inception, Deverse World has seen incredible growth, with an impressive 802% increase in the number of players and a remarkable 600% rise in user-created worlds, all thanks to a passionate, fast-growing community across the internet.

The challenge

After incorporating his business in Vietnam by himself, Long Tran realized that Cosugames needed to expand internationally, he noted "for a game development company to achieve global reach and engage with foreign investors, it should be incorporated in Singapore."

While Long believes in Singapore as an ideal place for his company's growth, setting up a company here is a different story. He found that there were a lot of rules and regulations to follow, which would take time for him to read up.

Without any support, Long relied on internet searches to find out what he needed to know – that's when he found BBCIncorp.

about cosugames

The solution

With BBCIncorp, Long found the support he needed to register and manage a company in Singapore. This involved filing company registration with government authorities, engaging a Nominee Director, fulfilling reporting requirements, and ensuring compliance with Singapore's regulations.

The entire company formation process was done online, offering great flexibility to busy entrepreneurs like Long Tran, who could effortlessly reach out to BBCIncorp for guidance and receive hands-on support


I was able to set up my company fast and onboard my angel investors quickly, thanks to the clear and dedicated guidance from the support team at BBCIncorp.

Long Tran - Founder of Cosugames


Any Advice To Others Starting A Business In Your Industry?

Long took the step to expand Cosugames to Singapore after recognizing its appeal to foreign investors.
For aspiring game development or software businesses out there, Long advises:

If your startup aims to secure funding from the global market, Singapore is an excellent starting point for this journey.

Long Tran - Founder of Cosugames


Ready To Start A Company In Singapore?

Make sure you do it the easiest way possible with BBCIncorp. We help you launch your Singapore company without spending hours on regulations, paperwork, or complicated requirements.