An Overview of How to Get Citizenship in Singapore

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An Overview of How to Get Citizenship in Singapore

In our previous blog, we have introduced some of the most significant advantages that a citizen can greatly benefit from housing, health-care to incentives for both parents and children. So, there is no doubt that becoming a citizen will grant you plenty of means and opportunity to grow as well as to improve your living standards in the city-state.

Are you planning to apply for the Singapore citizenship? Then, this blog is definitely a must-read for you since we provide you with an overview of the process of application and other necessary related information and sources.

1. Eligibility

Under the following circumstances, you are eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship:

  • You are 21 years old (or above) and have been a permanent resident (PR) for at least 2 years. In this case, you can apply together with your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years old.
  • You have been a PR for at least 2 years and have married to a Singapore citizen for at least 2 years.
  • You are an unmarried child below 21 years old of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore citizen.
  • You are a PR and an aged parent of a Singapore citizen.
  • You are a PR studying and living in Singapore for more than 3 years and have passed at least one national exam or being in the Integrated Programme (IP).

Overall, in most cases, it can be seen that in order to get the Singapore citizenship, you need to become a permanent resident first. If you have not been a PR yet and are planning to become one, learn the process of PR application in Singapore.

2. Factors to Consider

The Immigrants and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), which is responsible for the process, will finalize the result of the application after assessing the applicant’s ability and potential to contribute to Singapore and the commitment to adapt as well as connect to the society. In order to do so, ICA will consider some factors as following:

  • Length of residency: the longer years you have spent living in Singapore, the higher chance the official will see and approve the plan of your permanent staying.
  • Family relationship: it will be taken into account your family profile and whether you have relatives who are Singaporeans.
  • Background and proof showing you can be an asset to the city-state: your education, qualifications, economic contributions, other achievements, etc.
  • Charity work, community or neighborhood activities proving that you are integrating into the society.

3. Required Documents

If applicant is an adult, the following documents need to be prepared:

Personal Documents:

  • Coloured photos (meeting the requirements);
  • Foreign Identity Card;
  • Passport or other travel documents;
  • Birth Certificate;

Family Documents:

  • Official Marriage Certificate of current marriage;
  • Birth Certificate and Travel Document of children from current marriage;
  • Divorce Certificate for previous marriage(s);

Education Documents:

  • Educational Certificates;
  • Skill Certificates;
  • Professional Licenses;
  • Membership Certificates;

Employment Documents:

  • Letter of employment from the current employer;
  • Latest 6 months payslips and income tax assessment or receipt;
  • For self-employed, latest Business Registration Certificate from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) with latest financial statements;

Other Documents:

  • National Service documents;
  • Deed Poll or religious certificate for change of name (if any).

Important Notes:

  • You will need to include supporting documents of your spouse, even if he/she is not applying for Singapore Citizenship.
  • ICA might require additional documents if necessary

For more in-depth details on adult application, click here.

Moreover, as for children and aged parents, the required documents are a little bit different:

For required documents for child application, click here.

For required documents for aged parent application, click here.

4. How to Get Citizenship in Singapore

All applications for Singapore citizenship must be submitted online via the e-Service from ICA with the use of SingPass. In general, the process comprises the following stages:

Stage 1: Online Application

  • Prepare all the required documents before starting the online application;
  • Complete the questionnaire and your forms will be generated for you;
  • Fill in the data for the sponsor and/or all applicants;
  • Upload all required supporting documents;
  • Complete your declaration and consent for ICA to access CPF and IRAS;
  • Make payment.

The processing time for this stage is usually from 6 to 12 months. Please make sure that all the information you fill in is accurate.

Stage 2: Approval in Principles

If your application is approved, you will receive an Approval in Principle letter. At this point, you need to download it and complete your Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ). To be specific, here are things that need to be done:

  • Book slots and attend the Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing Session;
  • Complete the online e-Journey which is an educational course introducing about Singapore’s history, culture and development;

Stage 3: Final Approval

On completion of the SCJ, applicants will receive the final approval letter indicating the appointment date and time to register for Singapore Citizenship. In this stage, you have to:

  • Renounce foreign citizenship at the relevant embassy after fulfilling all the requirements;
  • Prepare all documents required and attend the Registration of Singapore Citizenship on the scheduled appointment.

Stage 4: Citizenship Ceremony

The Citizenship Ceremony will be organized, 3-6 months after stage 3, to welcome new citizens. Attendance is compulsory except for infants and aged or handicapped adults. During the event, The Pink Identity Card (also known as NRIC) and Singapore Citizen Certificate will be presented to you and after this, you are legally a citizen in Singapore.

5. Fee

The processing fees are S$100 per application for adult PRs or children of PRs and S$18 per application for overseas born children of a Singapore Citizen Parent.

Furthermore, when the application is successful, applicants must pay additional fees for necessary papers. To be specific, it is S$70 for a Singapore Citizen Certificate and S$10 for a Singapore Identity Card.

6. Conclusion

Above is the answer to how you can get citizenship in Singapore. Indeed, the application to become a Singapore citizen is rather complicated and time-consuming. However, the result of obtaining the citizenship will grant you a wide range of exclusive advantages that you can greatly benefit from. Therefore, if you have an intention to apply for it, please consider your time for planning ahead.

Nevertheless, if you are only at the first stage of planning to live and work in Singapore, we can help you apply for your Work Pass. Message us now!

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