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This process ensures that all our content is insightful and accurate so businesses can rely on us for reliable and informative references.

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Hong Kong New Foreign Sourced Income Tax

Revised Foreign-sourced Income Tax Exemption Regime in Hong Kong: MNE Entities’Tax Alert

4 Nov 2022
Hong Kong New Inspection Regime

Hong Kong New Inspection Regime: Director’s information is not public

Overview of Hong Kong New Inspection Regime The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (“CO”), legislation governing the incorporation and operation of companies in Hong Kong, has recently implemented a new inspection regime. The objective of this regime is to enhance security for the directors’ and other relevant person’s information. Three phases to the New Inspection Regime’s…

1 Nov 2022

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

On the 15th of each lunar calendar month, the moon is at its roundest and brightest which is symbolizing togetherness and reunion. Though time passes away, the ancient beauty of the moon is still gorgeous in any context, and Kowloon – the capital of festivities dotted with lights is now stunning. During the exciting atmosphere…

5 Sep 2022
new partnership announcement BBCIncorp and Instarem

New Partnership Announcement: BBCIncorp x Instarem

BBCIncorp is glad to announce our partnership with Instarem, one of the industry’s leading international payment firms. Check out our offer and stay tuned for further partnership updates!

7 Jul 2022
hong kong business registration levy rate

Lowering The Hong Kong Business Registration Levy Rate

By enacting economic stimulation policies like decreasing the levy on business registration, Hong Kong hopes to attract potential investors to the country.

27 Jun 2022

Hong Kong Company Audit: How to Ensure Your Business is Compliant

Looking to get your company audited? Here’s everything you need to know about audit requirements, benefits, and types of audits.

22 Jun 2022

Hong Kong Holding Company: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will teach you everything you need to register a Hong Kong holding company and how it benefits your investment portfolio.

17 Jun 2022

Our New Website Is Ready To Launch

BBCIncorp is excited to announce the release of our new website. Be the first to experience it!

9 Jun 2022
hong kong sole proprietorship

Everything About Hong Kong Sole Proprietorship – A Foreign Entrepreneurs Guide

If you’re running your business as an individual, incorporating as a sole proprietorship in Hong Kong might be the best option for you. Let’s discover!

8 Jun 2022

Hong Kong Directors Duties: What Are Exactly Their Roles?

Ensure your company will run smoothly and comply with the law by understanding Hong Kong directors’ duties and responsibilities in a Hong Kong company.

6 Jun 2022