Singapore is updating workplace regulations to stay competitive and manage its workforce efficiently. These updates could shake things up for expats and business owners relying on international talent.

Let’s delve into recent updates in Singapore’s Employment Pass system and their impact on the expat and business community.

Changes in eligibility for Employment Pass application

Starting September 2023, the Employment Pass (EP) application process will incorporate the Comprehensive Labour Market Testing and Skills Evaluation (COMPASS) scoring system.

This system assesses and gives points based on four main factors: salary, qualifications, diversity, and support for local employment. Extra points may be granted for skill bonuses or strategic economic objectives.

With the introduction of COMPASS, candidates for the EP application must now navigate a 2-stage eligibility framework. This new process applies to new EP applications starting from September 1, 2023, and to EP renewals expiring after September 1, 2024.

  • Stage 1: Achieve the EP qualifying salary, set at the top 1/3 of local PMET salaries by age.
  • Stage 2: Pass the points-based COMPASS. An application needs to earn 40 points to pass.

See details in our dedicated article for Employment Pass in Singapore.

Exemption from COMPASS Scoring

Candidates are exempt from COMPASS if they:

  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $22,500 (like the prevailing Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) job advertising exemption from 1 September 2023)
  • Apply as an overseas intra-corporate transferee
  • Fill the role for 1 month or less

For comprehensive information and guidelines on the Employment Pass application, please visit the Ministry of Manpower’s website.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding work passes, feel free to consult our Singapore immigration service, or chat with our support team for guidance and support.

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