Staying compliant with business renewal service

A company must be renewed each year to maintain its good standing and comply with the local regulation. Each country has a different obligation on what are required to be renewed for specific company types and industries. Some business document renewal is just simple as paying a flat yearly fee as in the case of business registration. Others might involve a complicated process like business license renewal given trend in local regulation setting higher standards for conducting businesses to adapt to globalization.
Our business renewal service can help you to automate the renewing process with a reminder for notice of related concerns 1-2 months before the due date. Service covers the yearly renewal of followings:
  • Business registration certificate
  • Local registered company secretary
  • Local registered address
  • Unlimited company secretarial service

What we can help you with

Local expertise

Leverage our local expertise in preparation and fulfillment of annual compliance requirements

Customer commitment

We always strive to deliver excellent services as we highly value long-term sustainable relationships with our clients

Go beyond renewal

With a wide range of corporate services, we can easily handle your varied business needs with confidence

How it works

A reminder for company renewal with attached invoice and payment link will be sent to your email one month before the expiry date.

Upon receiving payment, we will send the necessary documents for you to sign.

After completing your business renewal with local authorities, we will notify and send you updated business documents.

Our Pricing

Note: Failing to pay the renewal fee on or before the due date would result in government penalties and possibly company struck-off after a certain period of time determined by the local regulation.

* Annual fee does not include annual economic substance filing if there is any


Get to know more about company renewal service with frequently asked questions.

It depends on the local regulation, and usually falls within 1 month before the anniversary of incorporation.

The company renewal package includes one-year renewal for:

  • Business registration certificate
  • Registered company secretary
  • Local registered business address

In addition, you will be able to utilize our full support from corporate secretary service.

One month before the due date, a reminder will be sent to your inbox with invoice and payment link. You can settle payment via:

  • Online credit/debit card
  • Paypal account
  • Bank transfer with invoice number.

    If you want to reserve your company for later use, you can apply for dormant status, which allows your company to exempt from certain annual requirements.

    There is a separate legal process in each country that governs voluntary company dissolution. Discontinuing your company by not paying the annual fee will lead to accumulated government penalties and company struck-off.

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