BBCIncorp is delighted to share our recent achievements at the Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards Singapore, along with the ongoing recognition by OCBC Hong Kong through the Valued Partner Award for the year 2022/2023.

These awards served as a clear testament to our commitment to excellence. We are deeply grateful to all our partners and clients who have been an integral part of our journey, and we look forward to reaching new milestones together.

Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards

BBCIncorp Startup Award by Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence

On October 4, 2023, BBCIncorp achieved a significant milestone by winning the esteemed Startup Awards category at the Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards Singapore.

The Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards are renowned for honoring exceptional organizations and leaders, who have made outstanding contributions to the business community, driving economic growth, and making significant strides in their respective industries.

This award not only highlighted our growth and dedication in the field of Corporate Secretary service, but it also inspires us to continue our journey toward excellence

OCBC Valued Partner Award

BBCIncorp OCBC Valued Partner Award 2023

In addition to receiving the Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Award, we are also thrilled to receive the 2023 OCBC Valued Partner Award in Hong Kong.

Presented by one of Hong Kong’s leading financial institutions, the OCBC Valued Partner Award serves as a recognition of partners who have consistently delivered value and support to OCBC.

This year’s recognition marks the fourth consecutive time we have received this award, reflecting our commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship and long-term collaboration with OCBC.

These prestigious awards serve as a powerful source of inspiration for our team at BBCIncorp. We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, as we continue to grow, evolve, and contribute to the success of our industry and the business community.

About BBCIncorp

About BBCIncorp

Founded in 2017, BBCIncorp is among the industry-leading corporate service firms in Asia. Our commitment centered on delivering company incorporation service that empower the establishment and growth of businesses around the world.

Throughout the journey, we have successfully assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in turning their business ideas into reality, providing full support and helping our clients navigate the business world with confidence.

Disclaimer: While BBCIncorp strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, the information itself is for reference purposes only. You should not substitute the information provided in this article for competent legal advice. Feel free to contact BBCIncorp’s customer services for advice on your specific cases.

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