Hong Kong New Foreign Sourced Income Tax

Revised Foreign-sourced Income Tax Exemption Regime in Hong Kong: MNE Entities’Tax Alert

Crucial information on the new Hong Kong Profit Tax Policies regarding foreign-sourced income tax for MNE entities. Read now!

4 Nov 2022
Hong Kong New Inspection Regime

Hong Kong New Inspection Regime: Director’s information is not public

Overview of Hong Kong New Inspection Regime The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (“CO”), legislation governing the incorporation and operation of companies in Hong Kong, has recently implemented a new inspection regime. The objective of this regime is to enhance security for the directors’ and other relevant person’s information. Three phases to the New Inspection Regime’s…

1 Nov 2022
hong kong business registration levy rate

Lowering The Hong Kong Business Registration Levy Rate

By enacting economic stimulation policies like decreasing the levy on business registration, Hong Kong hopes to attract potential investors to the country.

27 Jun 2022
Major modifications in the 202122 Hong Kong Profits Tax Returns

[April/2022 Update] Profits Tax Return [BIR51, BIR52, & BIR54] Keynotes for the 2021/22

Profits Tax Return [BIR51, BIR52, & BIR54] Keynotes for 2021/22 included tax concession for eligible carried interest and engagement of service provider to furnish tax return. Find out more!

22 Apr 2022
hong kong budget 2022

Hong Kong Budget 2022/23: $21 billion anti-pandemic support package, one-off reduction of profit tax

Hong Kong budget 2022/23 unveiled efforts to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on businesses and citizens. Tax breaks, e-vouchers and financial aids are key measures.

24 Feb 2022
Hong Kong Plans New Tax Measures To Be Out Of EU’s Grey List

Hong Kong Plans New Tax Measures To Be Out Of EU’s Grey List

Hong Kong is planning to alter and implement new taxation measures in response to the inclusion of this jurisdiction in the EU’s grey list.

4 Nov 2021
Hong Kong budget 2021/22 cover

Hong Kong Budget 2021/22: Review of Proposed Tax Measures

On Wednesday, 24 February 2021, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po released the Hong Kong budget initiatives for the fiscal year 2021/22.

2 Mar 2021

DBS Hong Kong now supports remote bank account opening

DBS Hong Kong now caters the need of business owners who cannot afford a trip to Hong Kong for registering a business account by way of temporarily suspending requirement to visit Hong Kong.

27 May 2020
Hong Kong Tax Payment Deadline Extended

Hong Kong: The 2018/19 Tax Payment Deadlines Extended For Three Months

IRD announced on the automatic three-month extension for the payment deadline of Salaries Tax, Tax under Personal Assessment and Profits Tax for the YOA 2018/19

21 Apr 2020
Delivery Service Suspended Due To Covid-19

Delivery Service Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), BBCIncorp Limited regrets to announce the temporary suspension of delivery services by courier companies

26 Mar 2020

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