Hong Kong Company Audit: How to Ensure Your Business is Compliant

Looking to get your company audited? Here’s everything you need to know about audit requirements, benefits, and types of audits.

22 Jun 2022

Banking System

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Top 6 Financial Service Options For eCommerce Businesses In Hong Kong

Top 6 Financial Service Options For eCommerce Businesses In Hong Kong

Wondering what financial service to choose for your eCommerce business in Hong Kong? Explore our top 6 recommended financial service options!

11 Nov 2021
Alternatives to bank accounts in Hong Kong

Alternatives to traditional bank accounts in Hong Kong

Opening traditional bank accounts in Hong Kong causes hassle for business owners, then alternatives to bank accounts promise to be a solution for yours.

7 Dec 2020

3 Reasons why Hong Kong banks may reject your application

Hong Kong banks may reject your application for opening a bank account due to 3 main reasons. Learn more with Sheryl, Relationship Manager from BBCIncorp!

15 Sep 2020
the best banks in Hong Kong

Best Banks In Hong Kong That You Must Know In 2022

Which is the best bank in Hong Kong for expats? Let BBCIncorp help you find out the answer with top 4 banks: DBS, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Citibank.

24 Aug 2020
Rachel - Customer Relationship Manager

How To Open Bank Account During Covid-19 & Sharing By Rachel Ng From BBCIncorp

How to open bank account, specifically in financial centers like Hong Kong and Singapore during Covid-19 Period? Let’s get the answer with Rachel Ng from BBCIncorp

18 Jun 2020
open bank account in Hong Kong

How To Open A Bank Account In Hong Kong: 2022 Guide

How to open a bank account in Hong Kong from overseas – Here BBCIncorp Limited will provide you with everything you need to know about this process!

18 Jun 2020

Understanding Hong Kong three-tier banking system

Hong Kong banking system has a three-tier system including licensed banks, restricted license banks, and deposit-taking companies. Read more to find out!

1 Jun 2020


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Your Handbook Guide to Finding a Sourcing Agent

Having a sourcing agent in Asia is critical to establishing a link to the region’s suppliers. Watch our article to get briefed on the basics.

7 Dec 2021
Major Difficulties & Tips For Running An eCommerce Business In Hong Kong

Top Difficulties & Tips For Running An eCommerce Business In Hong Kong

Let’s find out some most common difficulties of running an eCommerce business in Hong Kong and useful tips to overcome them with BBCIncorp.

25 Nov 2021
Dropshipping in Hong Kong blog cover

Is Dropshipping in Hong Kong the Right Move in 2022?

Hong Kong has the largest smartphone and Internet penetration rate among the global statistics which makes it deal for dropshipping.

18 Nov 2021
Hong Kong ecommerce opportunities and growth

Hong Kong eCommerce: Endless Opportunities Are Waiting For You

Hong Kong’s eCommerce ecosystem is growing with no sign of slowing down. Let’s explore opportunities for eCommerce companies in Hong Kong.

9 Nov 2021

How To Kick-Start Your eCommerce Business In Hong Kong

How to start an eCommerce business in Hong Kong? This blog gives you insights into what to consider and key steps for setting up a Hong Kong eCommerce company.

21 Jan 2021
hong kong for e-commerce business

Choosing Hong Kong For An eCommerce Business: Is It Right?

Hong Kong is a prospective and bustling market for most online business owners. So why is Hong Kong an ideal location for an eCommerce business? Find out with us!

29 Dec 2020


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Hong Kong Holding Company: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will teach you everything you need to register a Hong Kong holding company and how it benefits your investment portfolio.

17 Jun 2022
hong kong sole proprietorship

Everything About Hong Kong Sole Proprietorship – A Foreign Entrepreneurs Guide

If you’re running your business as an individual, incorporating as a sole proprietorship in Hong Kong might be the best option for you. Let’s discover!

8 Jun 2022

Hong Kong Directors Duties: What Are Exactly Their Roles?

Ensure your company will run smoothly and comply with the law by understanding Hong Kong directors’ duties and responsibilities in a Hong Kong company.

6 Jun 2022
nominee director for Hong Kong businesses

Nominee Director in Hong Kong – The Ultimate Guide You’ll Ever Need

A nominee director is a common practice in Hong Kong, which can help you conceal your identity, protect yourself from the public gaze, and bring certain tax advantages for your business. Discover more in detail now!

10 May 2022
business registration certificate in hong kong

5 Questions To Ask About Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

A business registration certificate is an important document that proves your business is registered and legally operating in Hong Kong. Learn more about how to obtain it in this article.

22 Mar 2022
BRN Hong Kong blog cover

What Is Business Registration Number In Hong Kong?

Almost all types of businesses must get business registration number in Hong Kong to pay taxes and fulfill relevant administrative tasks. So, what is it?

9 Mar 2022
hong kong city night view

Hong Kong Business Trends After Mid-2021: New Updates [Infographic]

Check out our infographic capturing Hong Kong’s economic recovery post-Covid-19 outbreak and the top five business trends to rise in 2021.

29 Jun 2021
private limited company in Hong Kong

All You Should Know About Private Limited Company In Hong Kong

Looking for an entity type in Hong Kong that is best suited for SMEs? With tons of benefits, a private limited company remains the top choice of investors.

21 Dec 2020
guide to doing business in Hong Kong

Doing Business In Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide For Foreigners

Here is a guide to doing business in Hong Kong for foreigners! The blog covers all you need to know about the benefits of forming a business in Hong Kong and how to start it.

26 Nov 2020
company registration checking tool in Hong Kong

Useful Checking Tools For Your Hong Kong Company Registration

There are some tools to help you check your company status and what licenses you need to prepare before registering a Hong Kong company. Check out the guide to those useful tools!

19 Oct 2020
hong kong business trends 2020

Hong Kong Business Trends After Mid-2020: New Updates [Infographic]

Check it out! Below infographic helps you to capture Hong Kong situations and update top five business trends to be worth expected in a post Covid-19 outbreak

17 Sep 2020
benefits of doing business in Hong Kong

06 Benefits of Setting Up A Company In Hong Kong

Setting up a business in Hong Kong yields many advantages such as a pro-business environment, attractive tax regime, strategic location and much more.

10 Jul 2020

How To Set Up A Company In Hong Kong: A Step-by-Step Guide

A general guide including steps and key notes for entrepreneurs who wish to know how to set up a company in Hong Kong.

10 Jul 2020

Hong Kong Business Entity Types: Pros and Cons

When going to set up a business in Hong Kong, there are different types of entities you may want to consider i.e. private limited, public company, sole proprietorship, partnership,…

10 Jul 2020
company name requirements in Hong Kong

Requirements for Registration of a Hong Kong Company Name

Company name is a prerequisite for any company registration in Hong Kong. Below are some certain requirements for a Hong Kong company name to get approval.

9 Jun 2020
office girl animation with copy

Branch vs Subsidiary vs Representative Office in Hong Kong: Key Differences

Find out differences among branch office, representative office and subsidiary company and choose the best suited registration option for your foreign company!

4 Jun 2020
man animation with copy

An Introduction To Hong Kong Representative Offices

Hong Kong representative offices mainly set up for promotion and liaison office purposes. It has no legal status and is not allowed to engage in profit-generating activities.

25 May 2020
working man animated

How To Open A Branch Office In Hong Kong

Are you a foreign and looking for a branch office presence in Hong Kong market? Read this blog to learn a detailed guide to Hong Kong branch office from A to Z.

4 May 2020
people working with each other

Company Secretary in Hong Kong: What Is Its Role?

Companies Ordinance requires most HK companies to appoint company secretary before registration. What is company secretary in Hong Kong? What are its requirements? Find out!

23 Apr 2020
Hong Kong business licences and permits

Which Types of Business Need Licenses and Permits in Hong Kong?

There are several types of business that requires companies in Hong Kong to apply for business licenses and permits before legally operating. Find out what they are!

16 Mar 2020
hong kong trademark registration

A complete guide to trademark registration in Hong Kong

Trademark is a valuable asset to any business. Let’s learn what it is, why should register and how to apply for a trademark registration in Hong Kong.

28 Feb 2020
hong kong dormant company

Hong Kong Dormant Company: What You Should Know

Key features of a Hong Kong dormant company will be explained in this topic to help you stay aware of and keep your business compliant with local law.

29 Aug 2019

Tax & Compliance

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Hong Kong Company Audit: How to Ensure Your Business is Compliant

Looking to get your company audited? Here’s everything you need to know about audit requirements, benefits, and types of audits.

22 Jun 2022
transfer of shares in Hong Kong

Transfer of Share in Hong Kong – Requirements, Procedures, and More!

As your company grows and new investors come on board, the transfer of shares will become a common event. Let’s discover the various aspects of share transfer in Hong Kong and prepare yourself for the process.

1 Jun 2022

Common Seal vs Company Chop in Hong Kong

 Company chop or company seal, which one do you need to validate your company’s legal documents? Let’s find out through this article.

31 May 2022
shareholders rights and roles in Hong Kong company

Shareholders of Hong Kong Company – What Are Their Rights and Roles?

If you are a shareholder in a Hong Kong company or are thinking of becoming one, make sure you seek legal advice for understanding your rights and duties.

26 May 2022

Holding Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Hong Kong

The annual general meeting (AGM) is an important event for shareholders of a company. At the AGM, shareholders have an opportunity to meet with the directors and management of the company, and to vote on important issues. In Hong Kong, there are specific steps that must be followed in order to hold an AGM. What…

17 May 2022
hong kong financial statements

Hong Kong Financial Statements – How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Your company and report compliance go hand in hand. Let’s dive into some useful concepts that help you produce perfect Hong Kong company financial statements.

17 Dec 2021
accounting standards in Hong Kong

How To Comply With Hong Kong Accounting Standards: Guide For SMEs

Hong Kong accounting standards are applicable to any financial statements of a Hong Kong company. BBCIncorp will tell you these standards and accounting requirements in Hong Kong!

15 Dec 2020
Hong Kong financial year-end

How to choose Hong Kong financial year end

Wonder how to determine the financial year end in Hong Kong? In this article, we will shed light on everything about Hong Kong financial year. Learn more with us!

20 Nov 2020
transfer pricing in Hong Kong

Transfer Pricing In Hong Kong: 10 Questions That Help You Uncover It

Hong Kong transfer pricing legislation requires all relevant companies to file transfer pricing documentation. Below are 10 questions to enable you to uncover this rule!

30 Oct 2020

Hong Kong Tax Haven: What Can Be Revealed?

Beyond Hong Kong tax haven, like the way many people still think of this city, there are more of Hong Kong that you should know. Find out what they are!

13 Oct 2020
winding up hong kong company

A General Guide To Winding Up Of Hong Kong Companies

A Hong Kong company may be wound up by either voluntary or compulsory winding up by the court. Below guide clarifies the procedure for winding up a company through these two types!

28 Jul 2020
annual compliance for hong kong company

Hong Kong Company Annual Compliance Requirements

Learn more about annual compliance and filing requirement of a Hong Kong private limited company.

11 Jul 2020
tax system and calculator

Hong Kong Tax System – General Guide For Entrepreneurs

Hong Kong adopted a territorial tax basis with a low tax regime for businesses. This guide will give you an overview of Hong Kong tax system.

10 Jul 2020
offshore tax exemption in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Offshore Tax Exemption: How To Take Its Advantages?

Hong Kong adopted a territorial tax regime, under which foreign-sourced income is exempted from tax. You can find helpful tips for applying offshore tax claim in this post.

3 Jul 2020
people working with each other

Company Secretary in Hong Kong: What Is Its Role?

Companies Ordinance requires most HK companies to appoint company secretary before registration. What is company secretary in Hong Kong? What are its requirements? Find out!

23 Apr 2020
Hong Kong company deregistration

A Brief Guide To Company Deregistration in Hong Kong

Thanks to its simplicity and inexpensiveness, company deregistration in Hong Kong is a very popular option. Let’s find out!

27 Mar 2020
hong kong flag

Hong Kong’s Significant Controllers Register: How does it work?

Hong Kong Significant Controllers Register (SCR) is a new requirement from March 2018. This blog will tell you the ins and outs of this SCR regime. Find out more!

9 Mar 2020
hong kong withholding tax

Hong Kong Withholding Tax: What You Need to Know

You care about what a withholding tax in Hong Kong is, who need to pay this, and how to reduce it? Keep reading this article and then find out the answer.

6 Dec 2019


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7 Cost-Saving Tips For Your Hong Kong Trading Business

Despite free ports, trading in Hong Kong, or importing in particular, can cost you a pretty penny if you don’t import the right way. Customs fees are deemed to be the most popular cost when it comes to buying goods overseas. Still, it only accounts for a small portion of your total importing costs. Without…

4 May 2022
logistics and accounting of hk trading company

How to Manage Logistics and Accounting When Trading in Hong Kong

Trading in Hong Kong requires you to effectively manage logistics & accounting to keep the business running smoothly & profitably. Read this article to start

28 Apr 2022

Tax Practices for Your Hong Kong Trading Company: How to Leverage

Trading in Hong Kong is typically free of excise duties, tariffs and enjoys a competitive tax regime. Learn more about common taxes on trading in Hong Kong.

26 Apr 2022
Running Hong Kong trading company

6 Tips for Successfully Running Your Trading Business in Hong Kong

You are planning to start trading in Hong Kong. You can’t miss these useful tips before launching your trading business to increase your chances of success.

19 Apr 2022
banks for hong kong trading company

Top 3 Banks for Your Hong Kong Trading Company: Which One to Choose?

Top 3 banks you should consider when setting up your Hong Kong trading company are Citibank, HSBC, DBS. Still, banks are not your only option. Discover!

18 Apr 2022
hong kong trading company

The Only Guide You Need to Start a Hong Kong Trading Company

You are fascinated by the Hong Kong trading landscape. Let’s get started with this guide on how to start a Hong Kong trading company in just a few easy steps.

15 Apr 2022

Why You Should Choose Hong Kong to Set Up a Trading Business

Strategic location, free ports, global network of FTAs & straightforward incorporation are key reasons why you should start a Hong Kong trading company.

13 Apr 2022
Hong Kong trading outlook

Hong Kong Trading Outlook: What to Expect

Trading in Hong Kong can be a prime gateway towards trading for new businesses. Read on for an in-depth guide on Hong Kong trading.

23 Feb 2022

Workpass & Others

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Hong Kong dividend payments guide

Paying Your Shareholders: How Dividend Payments Work in Hong Kong?

In this post, we’ll look at how dividends are paid in Hong Kong, as well as some of the things you should think about if you want to pay dividends.

25 May 2022
Hong Kong double tax agreements

Hong Kong: Things you must know about Double Taxation Agreements

Are taxes arisen from cross-border investments a big headache for your business? Let’s find out double taxation agreements for Hong Kong businesses!

8 Jan 2020
hong kong migrant admission scheme

An Overview of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

In Hong Kong, the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is tailored for proficient individuals with outstanding achievements to work and live in the country.

29 Oct 2019
hong kong investment visa

What is an Investment Visa (Entrepreneur Visa) in Hong Kong?

If stashing away as much money as you possibly can is your sole purpose of moving to Hong Kong, an investment visa would be your must-have vehicle.

28 Oct 2019
hong kong employment visa blog cover

A Complete Guide to Hong Kong Employment Visa

An Employment Visa is a must if you intend to relocate to Hong Kong to live and work, bring along your family members, or become a resident in due course.

27 Oct 2019

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