What You Should Know About Banking In Mauritius?

Most of Mauritius business activities revolve around earning and spending money, from making profits to obtaining loans to fundraising to attracting investment. A corporate bank account is an important tool that allows you to easily keep track of these activities and ensure that your finances are always in good shape.

Overview of banking system in Mauritius

Mauritius' banking system is sound and stable with strong regulatory oversight and diverse financial landscape of local, foreign, and non-banking institutions. Out of 20 banks in Mauritius, nine are locally owned and the rest are subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks. Depositors' interests are safeguarded under supervision of the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commissions.

Why open offshore bank account in Mauritius?

Offshore bank account in Mauritius offers a high level of confidentiality and privacy, making it a safe place to store assets and maintain discretion for the account owners. Most banks in Mauritius are also dedicated to the needs of foreigners, allowing remote account opening through online applications.

How to open a Mauritius corporate bank account online


Choose a bank

Research and choose a bank that meets your business needs, considering factors like minimum deposit, fees, and services.


Check your eligibility

Check bank's eligibility criteria and ensure you meet the minimum requirements to open an account (i.e., residency status, business type, or minimum deposit, etc.)


Submit online application

Upload the necessary documents, provide your personal details, and submit your online application to open a Mauritius corporate bank account.


Wait for account approval

The banks may require additional information to verify your application. The approval timeframe may vary depending on the application complexity and internal processes.

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Required Documents

We can support you opening company bank accounts in Mauritius or any proper offshore jurisdictions. Different banks will have unique requirements on a case-by-case basis. Some of the most common documents are presented below for your review:

  • Account application form

    • Bank statements

      • Bank reference letter

        • Business proofs (sales/purchase orders, invoice, contract…)

          • Certified copies of valid passport, recent address proof within 3 months for all directors/shareholders/account signatories

            • Business plan

              • Certified copies of Mauritius GBC company documents i.e. CoI, M&AA, Registers of directors/shareholders…

                • Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Incumbency.

                  Please contact BBCIncorp to know the exact documents needed for your case.


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