How to open a business account for
UK Company

One initial step to start your offshore business venture is to apply for a ​business bank account. This allows business owners to keep their business depositing and expenditure separate from personal accounts, meaning better limited liability protection and enhanced credibility for your business. As for UK company, there are common application choices to open your business account:

Applying in a local bank in the UK

The UK is a developed country and has the world’s seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. Moreover, London, its capital, is one of the biggest financial centers in the world.

The UK is not a tax haven or an offshore centre. In the UK, the tax enforcement legislation is sometimes more draconian than in many other developed countries. The government is very aware of tax avoidance and tax evasion methods. Despite that, and with careful planning, the use of a UK limited company can yield many tax advantages.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the legislation framework for the banking industry has been reformed to separate high-risk taking aspects from normal banking businesses. Two main regulatory bodies responsible for the stability of the financial system are Bank of England (central bank of the UK) and the Financial Conduct Authority.

As of June 2019, there are more than 80 licensed banks in the UK. The banking industry is excessively dominated by top 5 banking groups accounting for more than 85% of market share. Highly developed banking services provide ranges from traditional products i.e. multi-currency account, internet banking… to extremely complex financial products like a structured investment account, derivatives...

Going for offshore bank accounts or fintech solutions

Due to the UK's strong financial reputation, UK companies can practically open a bank account anywhere around the world. This allows for efficient global financial management through offshore or savings accounts. Thus, setting up an account with financial institutions such as digital banks or EMIs.

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Open a Bank Account for UK Company

Note: Our banking support fee does not include the fee for bank account application or any other required fee (if any) chargeable by the bank you choose to apply.

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What Included in Our Fee

  • Consultancy on best-suited bank options for your business needs
  • Consultancy and review on the application process and document preparation
  • Support for preparing certified documents when needed – i.e., Certificate of Incumbency and Courier hard copy
  • Appointment arrangement with banks
  • Dedicated support team available for banking-related questions
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Why Our Service is Unique

  • One-time fee for multiple bank applications with premium package (if you fail to open bank account in one bank, we continue to assist you on applying for other banks, without extra charge)
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  • Support for opening a Belize bank’s bank account remotely
  • A proven record of over 12 years of experience with international banks
  • Prompt response and step-by-step guide to application
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Required Documents

General documents required for opening your UK company bank account are listed below for your review:

  • Account application forms

    • Bank reference letter/Personal reference letter

      • Bank statements

        • Certified copies of valid passports, recent address proofs within 3 months for all directors/shareholders/account signatories

          • Business plan with details like expected turnover, sources of funding, partners…

            Please contact us to know the exact documents needed for opening your Belize company’s bank account.

            * See certified true copy guide


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