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Last updated: 30 Mar 2020

BBCIncorp Limited received OCBC Valued Partner Award

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong – BBCIncorp Limited was honored to announce its award "OCBC Valued Partner Award 2019/2020”. This prestigious award aims to highly appreciate the significant contribution to delivering finance-related services and reinforcing the partnership between OCBC Group and its excellent partners. It is highlighted that this has been the 5th year in a row that BBCIncorp received this honor.

OCBC Bank, the long-established and one of the most reputed financial firms in Southeast Asia, and BBCIncorp Limited, an industry-leading corporate advisory firm located in Hongkong, have been joined into the long-term sustainable partnership for more than 7 years. According to OCBC Bank, BBCIncorp Limited has been a dedicated partner in supporting the bank to deliver high quality financial services for businesses of all scopes.

Towards the company’s goal which is to help startups and SMEs maximize their potentials, BBCIncorp Limited during years has always been proactive in acquiring know-how, grasping opportunities and making endless efforts to tackle newly emerging challenges facing these businesses in dealing with daily company administration. Being well recognized by the worldwide leading financial firm like OCBC Group, it is relatively a great motivation for BBCIncorp Limited to keep striving for accomplishing its missions to offer business more qualified and effective services. BBCIncorp Limited is believed to continuously be the OCBC bank’s valued and highly-trusted partner in upcoming years.

How can the partnership between BBCIncorp Limited & OCBC help your business? Contact us now to find out more about our privileged services!

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BBCIncorp Limited received OCBC Valued Partner Award 2019/2020

BBCIncorp Limited was honored to announce its award "OCBC Valued Partner Award 2019/2020”. It is highlighted that this has been the 5th year that BBCIncorp received this honor.

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