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Your reliable partner for company maintenance

It is normal to decide to change your current company secretary after a period of service engagement. There are some reasons that might cause you to make such a decision. It might be the price charged too high, and not comparable to poor services delivered. Or the secretary did not do a good job at consulting and providing necessary services when your business was growing.

A company secretary’s main role is to assist the director to make sure the company complies with all local statutory requirements. In addition, a company secretary would be in charge of several other important tasks as follows:

  • maintain and update company statutory records and registers
  • Prepare and arrange meetings of directors/shareholders
  • Provide supporting documents and liaise with auditors for annual statutory audits
  • Keep company informed of any changes in statutory laws on an accurate and timely basis
  • Act as a bridge between the company and local authorities

That is to say choosing the right company secretary would build a solid background supporting your business, particularly for foreigners who are not familiar with local regulation.

BBCIncorp with dedicated experience serving clients across many jurisdictions in company formation, accounting, auditing and tax compliance can effectively assist you in daily company management.

What we can bring to you

Qualified professionals with relevant local expertise and licenses

Transparent & affordable pricing along with unparalleled services

Full scope of company secretary services

Effortless company management with our dedicated support

Facilitate business strategy formation by keeping you informed of local regulatory changes

How it works

  • Obtain your corporate and personal documents together with annual fee

  • Perform company status check/ due diligence to make sure your company registers are in order, up-to-date and your company complies with local regulation

  • Assist drafting resignation/ termination letter for your existing agent’s confirmation and send forms to you for signing

  • Draft director’s resolution regarding appointment/ resignation of company secretary. Lodging changes by passing necessary forms to the company registry

Document requirements

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Register of shareholders;
  • Register of directors;
  • Personal docs of all shareholders/ directors/ UBOs (certified passports and certified address proofs)

Ready to switch to BBCIncorp

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1. Can I act as my company secretary?

In some countries, you can serve as both company director and company secretary, but subject to conditions. We do not recommend this as the company secretary should possess relevant knowledge and skills to ensure the company meets local statutory obligations. Moreover, many jurisdictions required company secretary to be a licensed entity.

2. How about fees for transferring to BBCIncorp?

We make it totally free for you to transfer to us.

3. Are there any risks involving in changing company secretary/registered agent?

The biggest barrier would be the non-cooperation of existing company secretary. The delaying responses might lead to late filing when it comes close to the annual filing due date. But the changing decision depends solely on the company director’s discretion.

4. How long will it take to make a switch?

It normally takes 3-5 working days to complete the process.

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