Belize Economic Substance requirements

Keynotes for IBCs in relation to Belize Economic Substance Requirements and tax matters

The Economic Substance Act of Belize took effect on 11 October 2019. The issuance of this Act is to prevent entities from taking advantage of Belize corporate structures to earn profits but not representing the real economic situation in Belize.

Key highlights of the Belize Economic Substance Act (ESA) that you must know:

  • The scope of the economic substance requirements
  • Criteria for satisfying economic substance requirements
  • How to meet economic substance requirements
  • Tax implication on specific circumstances.

Below is the illustrative summary of Belize Economic Substance Requirements and Tax Guides to facilitate better understanding for entities, especially Belize IBCs.

Figure out the specific requirements for your company with our Belize Economic Substance Self-Assessment Tool.

Belize Economic Substance & Tax Guide

If you need to know more about Belize’s Economic Substance Rules as well as tax issues, feel free to chat with our support team at BBCIncorp.

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