True copy certification services

Certified by Registered Agent
You might find yourself in situations that need certified copies of corporation documents by registered agents like opening bank accounts, replacing lost documents, or foreign qualify…
Certified by Notary Public
Certify a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional person.
Apostille on Document
Apostille certification is a formal name for a bureaucratic procedure, by which official documents issued in one country are certified in a uniform way, so that they become formally acceptable in a different country.
Legalisation by Embassy
Legal documents authenticated by the embassy to recognize as full legal for using in foreign countries, which is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention.
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Certified by CPA
Certify a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional person.

Legal Admin

Change of Company Name with MAA amendment
We help you to check your company name's uniqueness, ensure legal compliance and file name change to the Registrar and other relevant local authorities.
Change of Director/Shareholder
Including changes of 1 personnel, US$100 for additional change each
Increase in Authorized Share Capital
Authorized capital is the maximum amount of capital a company can raise through shares and is stipulated in a company's constitutional documents. You might wish to increase the registered capital to issue new shares or increase paid-in capital.
Company Restoration
Within 6 months after company struck off
From US$1,050
Economic substance filing
All relevant entities are required to submit an annual Economic Substance Declaration within 6 months from the end of their financial year.
Financial return filing
BVI companies are required to submit Financial Returns within 9 months following the end of the company’s financial year.

Nominee Services

Nominee Director
Nominee director service helps remain privacy of beneficial owner while maintaining real power on the administration of the company. Service includes one nominee director for 1 year with supporting documents (if any) such as PoA, undated signed resignation letter...
Nominee Shareholder
Nominees shareholder service helps maintain your privacy by not display your name on public document of the register of shareholder. Service includes one nominee shareholder for 1 year with supporting documents (if any) such as DoA, undated signed request of share transfer...

Document Retrieval Services

Certificate of Incumbency
CI of an offshore company is an official attestation issued by its registered agent or authorities of the jurisdiction of incorporation which states the person(s) listed is (are) the actual director/shareholder of the company. CI is mandatory for opening a corporate bank account.
Certificate of Good Standing
A Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) is an official document, issued by the Registry of Companies. A CGS confirms that a particular company legally exists, has complied with all the administrative requirements as to its continued registration and has paid all government duties, and, therefore, is “in good standing” vis-a-vis the Companies Register as of the date of issue.

Other Services

Company Chop and Seal
A seal bearing company name and registration number would be issued. A company seal is required in some jurisdictions like Bahamas, Belize, Hong Kong and R.A.K
Consulting on Merchant Account
A merchant account is integral when setting up a payment gateway to facilitate receipt of online payment by debit/credit card. Our service will assist you to apply for the merchant account.

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