As an international business hub, Hong Kong has solidified itself as one of the most dynamic markets for eCommerce. The city’s digital ecosystem has developed rapidly with no sign of stopping. And the people of Hong Kong are increasingly adopting the digital lifestyle. 

This article will give you a glance at the prosperity of the digital retail industry in Hong Kong. BBCIncorp will walk you through the key metrics of Hong Kong’s eCommerce, from consumers, and revenue, to long-term growth. Let’s dive into it!

Hong Kong eCommerce is vastly booming

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a prime market for eCommerce with a solid economic foundation. The robust statistical support further underscores Hong Kong eCommerce’s potential.

Firstly, Hong Kong is one of the most friendly international business environments. The Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World 2022 Annual Report ranking Hong Kong as the world’s freest economy

With its transparent regulation and attractive tax regime, it is no surprise that entrepreneurs keep choosing Hong Kong to build their eCommerce businesses.

Secondly, the retail sector, the base of eCommerce, is among the cores of Hong Kong’s economy. Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department reported that retail generated a fifth of the city’s GDP in 2020. In 2022, the total retail sales value in Hong Kong hit a substantial figure, reaching approximately 350 billion Hong Kong dollars (reported by Statista).

Along with constant digital development, eCommerce is exponentially strengthened in Hong Kong. 

One more highlight – in the 2023-2025 action plan for Hong Kong city, they’re about pushing the volume on live-streaming eCommerce.

Hong Kong isn’t just a logistics hub of Asia. It has a quick and efficient world-class logistic system. The city’s excellent logistical quality makes it a wonderful destination for eCommerce businesses to grow.

Check out in detail the

top reasons to choose Hong Kong for eCommerce.

Fascinating statistics about Hong Kong eCommerce consumers (2024 update)

Hong Kong is an incredible retail market full of digital-savvy shoppers. 

Numbers don’t lie. In particular, KPMG recorded that over 97% of customers in Hong Kong use smartphones, and about 40% shop online every week. With an average annual spend of nearly HK$15,004, Hong Kong shoppers are the second-highest spender in Asia-Pacific according to PwC. And the numbers show no sign of slowing down. 

Update: According to Statista’s 2024 forecast, the expected continuous increase in the number of users in the eCommerce market in Hong Kong from 2024 to 2028, totaling 1.7 million use.

Hong Kong eCommerce Consumers Are Increasing

Key metrics of eCommerce revenue in Hong Kong

eCommerce is generating immense revenue for Hong Kong’s economy.

According to the latest report of Statista: 

  • The total revenue from eCommerce will reach US$25,500 million by the end of 2022, resulting in an annual growth rate of 14.18%. 
  • The market volume is also expected to be US$1,412,000. million in 2022. 

The chart below illustrates the estimated annual revenue of Hong Kong eCommerce through different segments from 2017 to 2025. 

Hong Kong eCommerce Revenue

Also, Statista predicted the average revenue per user will amount to US$1,568. In addition, Hong Kong’s eCommerce user penetration rate is 76.7% in 2022. As the line chart shows, the average revenue per consumer is steadily surging over the years and is projected to keep increasing in the future. 

Hong Kong eCommerce Average Revenue Per User

Major eCommerce merchant segments

The top five largest segments of eCommerce in Hong Kong according to Statista are fashion, consumer electronics, personal care, furniture & appliances, and food & beverage. Among these segments, fashion is expected to be the largest segment with a projected market volume of US$312,200 million in 2022.

The HKTDC Survey (2023) highlights specific product categories with significant growth potential in Hong Kong. The emphasis on fashion accessories, designer/branded clothing, fashion technology, and womenswear has suggested a consumer demand trend.

Seems like people are really into these things!

If you’re gearing up to launch your online business venture in Hong Kong, consider the insights shared above and kick-start your eCommerce business in Hong Kong.

COVID-19 brings more opportunities for Hong Kong’s eCommerce

The Coronavirus has caused severe damage to Hong Kong’s economy in general. However, the pandemic has also created enormous room for eCommerce to grow as Hong Kong has recovered sharply from the pandemic. 

As a result of COVID-19, consumers in Hong Kong have remarkably increased their use of digital platforms to shop for goods. In figures, 75% of shoppers admit they frequently buy goods online and 97% will continue shopping online (KPMG 2020). The numbers solidly prove that there’s rising demand for eCommerce in Hong Kong. 

Shoppers are willing to splurge on goods online with brands that they trust. Furthermore, shoppers highly value a pleasant digital experience. That’s why they are likely to spend more on companies that provide a good online shopping experience. Therefore, besides the product’s quality, maintaining the consistent quality of digital platforms is crucial for brands engaging in eCommerce. 

The future growth of eCommerce in Hong Kong

With escalating demand for online shopping, Hong Kong eCommerce is heading for sustainable long-term development. And there are supporting numbers for the future growth of the digital economy in Hong Kong.

According to Statista, the market size for eCommerce in Hong Kong is expected to almost double by 2025. In particular, the number of online shoppers is forecasted to hit more than 6.5 million. The market volume is likely to reach US$12,879 million and user penetration will hit 83.3% in the next five years. 

In particular, the illustration below demonstrates the steady future growth of Hong Kong’s eCommerce market size through the previous years and in the next years. 

Hong Kong eCommerce Market Growth

Currently, Mainland China is where the jurisdiction generates the highest revenue in eCommerce. But in the next five years, ASEAN will be a not-to-miss market for eCommerce businesses based in Hong Kong. The region has a growing large population, high smartphone penetration, and non-stop rising consumer expenditure. With a total population of over 667 million, ASEAN is forecast to be the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2030 (PwC, 2021). 

Obviously, Hong Kong’s strategic geographical location is a major advantage. It takes less than 5-hour time flight from Hong Kong to any ASEAN nation. eCommerce companies based here have a promising opportunity for future expansion in the dynamic markets of South East Asia.


In a nutshell, Hong Kong is one of the most ideal places to base your eCommerce company. The city is a dynamic international business hub with a robust digital infrastructure and exceptional logistic system. It also has an enormous pool of tech-savvy and high-demand consumers.

Countless opportunities are there for you to grab. So don’t hesitate to start your eCommerce business in Hong Kong.  

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