Planning for setting up an eCommerce company, but don’t know where to start? BBCIncorp is here to help you. Our recommended option is to bring your business to a financial hub of Asia – Hong Kong.

The blog provides you with major reasons why Hong Kong is a worth-considering place for an eCommerce business. Follow along with us!

Why choose Hong Kong for eCommerce businesses?

Gone are the days when people took several kilometers across to buy items and goods needed. In recent decades, you can witness a booming trend around this, and ever-growing escalation in this bustling sector is still on the way. All we are mentioning is the presence of the eCommerce business.

Interestingly, acknowledging the eCommerce value, a range of conventional companies have also decided to jump online. Online businesses have turned up everywhere, bringing the utmost convenience for people in traveling, communication, and especially trading.

ECommerce business is an emerging trend in Asian countries. Positioned as the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong is the top choice on the consideration list for setting up eCommerce businesses.

Let’s delve into how entrepreneurs reap benefits from starting their eCommerce platforms in Hong Kong!


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Potential growth in online business

It may be a ‘nightmare’ to some sectors linked with travel and leisure in recent months due to COVID-19. But to a range of technology-related industries, including the eCommerce sector, they probably are ‘strong winners’. Despite the huge challenge of the pandemic that has brought about the world’s economic crisis and the downward trend in most walks of life, it would be no exaggeration to say that it has been a record-breaking year for online-store and eCommerce businesses.

Proportional to this upward trend, the prevalence of eCommerce companies in prospective markets is also witnessed. Hong Kong, as a typical example of a financial hub in Asia, is an ideal destination for offshore seekers in question.

Hong Kong is a thriving online market. Statista demonstrates some key highlights of the Hong Kong eCommerce industry:

  • Est. revenue for eCommerce business in Hong Kong is expected to earn US$6,409m in 2020
  • The annual growth rate for eCommerce business revenue in the year course of 2020 -2025: 12%
  • Est. market volume for HK eCommerce business: US$11,308m by 2025

Discover more detailed statistics about Hong Kong eCommerce market and its future growth in this article: Hong Kong eCommerce: Endless Opportunities Are Waiting For You

Vivid online market and digitally savvy shoppers

Reviewed by WorldPay FIS 2020 Global Payments Report, Hong Kongers are more likely to make payments via credit card. Remarkably, there are around 40% of online purchases, a quite similar percentage when compared to that of in-store sales. Habits of using alternatives like bank transfers or digital wallets are now making a major contribution to the growth of Hong Kong eCommerce market.

An increasing number of traditional high-end brands in Hong Kong has quickly kept up with the trend. Online business platforms and presences from many brands have widely popped up internationally. Additionally, merchants who are sensitive to the changing habits of buyers are also day-by-day strengthening their capacity to adapt to the growing competitive market, i.e., getting buyers involved in better online experiences. As a result, the eCommerce business becomes among the most welcomed business sectors in this financial hub of Asia.

Online shopping markets also turned more dynamic due to the widespread pandemic between 2019 and 2020. The more highly safety is prioritized, the higher value eCommerce solutions can achieve. Hong Kong’s sophisticated infrastructure for eCommerce growth is a big plus for up-and-running online merchants or those investing in eCommerce. Particularly, Hong Kong took the 12th rank in the global ranking of logistics capabilities and quality by the World Bank.

The potential for eCommerce in Hong Kong is crystal clear. Another striking reason why entrepreneurs should pick Hong Kong to set up an eCommerce business is this city’s digitally-savvy shopping population. This, fortunately, is a strong driving force to open many doors of opportunities for those wishing to set up an eCommerce business in Hong Kong.

Business-friendly tax regime

Like most offshore businesses usually do, people have a tendency to look for business-friendly jurisdictions where they can relieve a large financial burden in terms of taxation.

Ease of tax burden used to be a huge advantage in many traditional offshore landscapes, but there are recent extensive changes to offshore company regulations. Changes are still on the rise for enhanced transparency and adaptability to global standards. In this regard, reputed low-tax jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, are gaining more in popularity, especially for eCommerce company setups.

Hong Kong follows a territorial system of taxation. The tax rate which is very low is a striking driving force behind why there are many Amazon sellers and eCommerce players who opt for Hong Kong to start businesses. To specify, company formation in Hong Kong can bring you:

  • Corporate income tax rate: 8.25% (for the first HKD 2 million) and 16.5% (remainder)
  • Capital gains tax rate: 0%
  • Tax on dividends: 0%
  • Withholding tax on dividends and interests: 0%
  • Sales tax or value-added tax: 0%
  • Tax rate on foreign-sourced income (profits derived from outside Hong Kong territory): 0%

Need a Hong Kong tax guide in great detail? You can get it here: Hong Kong Tax System – General Guide For Entrepreneurs

Modern and effective banking system

Hong Kong’s financial capacity is another worth-considering reason.

Well-known as a financial hub of Asia, how strong Hong Kong’s financial sector is can be clearly seen in its sound banking system. Evidentially, over 70 of the world’s 100 biggest international banks are present in Hong Kong. This is not to mention the perk for offshore renminbi businesses to access Mainland China from Hong Kong.

Are you selling on Amazon USA or other similar businesses? You may now find out the right place for your business. For foreign entrepreneurs longing for opening an overseas bank account for an eCommerce business, Hong Kong banks usually appear on the top list of considerations.

In fact, Hong Kong banks can still approve applications connected to online business models. Things to keep in mind are to get your Amazon sales records well prepared, provide bankers with proof of your product listings, sales volume and revenue of your business, and so on.

Still, many sellers may wonder about the difficulty in opening a local bank account (due to the strict due diligence process, in-person visits, et cetera) in Hong Kong. The good news for never-lose-hope applicants is that fintech platforms in Hong Kong like Neat account will be highly recommended alternatives for their online businesses.



The opening process is even more free-hassle and simplified, explore to know more: Alternatives to traditional bank accounts in Hong Kong

Transparent regulations, a friendly tax system coupled with a sophisticated banking system have undoubtedly built up a good reputation and favorable conditions for eCommerce investors to pick Hong Kong.

Our Partnership

Our Partnership

BBCIncorp is delighted to partner with Neat to provide a complete package for business entrepreneurs. From company formation to Neat account setup, we have got everything covered.

All of the applications can be done entirely online and with complete support from our team of consultants. As a welcome gift, Neat will offer 500 HKD credited into your Neat account if you are BBCIncorp’s client. Find out more about this excellent benefit and our partnership here

Advanced Information and Technology Infrastructure

Next, state-of-the-art infrastructure is another benefit of choosing Hong Kong for online business setups.

As matter of fact, eCommerce businesses put heavy reliance on information and technology. Apparently, if an eCommerce business has the right technological infrastructure in place, it is more likely to guarantee its network stability, as well as transaction security for customers. There is a high possibility that online users will send your brand out of the game if they find that their credit card information may NOT be kept secure while making online purchases with your online store.

To successfully run your online business, important factors must comprise quality servers, internet facilities data processing centers, and many others. Therefore, a modern and well-developed infrastructure in terms of information and technology like in Hong Kong is a big advantage when choosing where to set up your eCommerce business. To give an example, Hong Kong imposes a stringent law of data privacy from which only persons with permission are granted access to the data center.

Easy company formation and affordable setup costs

Last but not least, an easy and affordable company setup may be of your interest!

The procedure for a Hong Kong company formation is very simple and straightforward. To save time and money, seeking a reliable incorporation service provider like BBCIncorp is a wise choice, as these providers will get everything ready for you. With proper documents provided, they can register your company within 24 hours.

Equally important, there is no need to visit Hong Kong for your company formation. This is undeniably a great plus as the pandemic has raised mounting concerns about people’s safety. Without forgetting to mention is the competitive price for setting up a company in Hong Kong. BBCIncorp forms your Hong Kong company only from 799 USD, with a full set of basic corporate secretary services, one-year legal stuff guaranteed, and especially free support to get a Neat account (as mentioned in the previous part) – one can’t-miss thing to any small businesses eyeing Hong Kong eCommerce company.

Want to learn more about this service? Explore here

Disclaimer: While BBCIncorp strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, the information itself is for reference purposes only. You should not substitute the information provided in this article for competent legal advice. Feel free to contact BBCIncorp’s customer services for advice on your specific cases.

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