7 Cost-Saving Tips For Your Hong Kong Trading Business

Despite free ports, trading in Hong Kong, or importing in particular, can cost you a pretty penny if you don’t import the right way. Customs fees are deemed to be the most popular cost when it comes to buying goods overseas. Still, it only accounts for a small portion of your total importing costs. Without…

4 May 2022
logistics and accounting of hk trading company

How to Manage Logistics and Accounting When Trading in Hong Kong

Trading in Hong Kong requires you to effectively manage logistics & accounting to keep the business running smoothly & profitably. Read this article to start

28 Apr 2022

Tax Practices for Your Hong Kong Trading Company: How to Leverage

Trading in Hong Kong is typically free of excise duties, tariffs and enjoys a competitive tax regime. Learn more about common taxes on trading in Hong Kong.

26 Apr 2022
Running Hong Kong trading company

6 Tips for Successfully Running Your Trading Business in Hong Kong

You are planning to start trading in Hong Kong. You can’t miss these useful tips before launching your trading business to increase your chances of success.

19 Apr 2022
banks for hong kong trading company

Top 3 Banks for Your Hong Kong Trading Company: Which One to Choose?

Top 3 banks you should consider when setting up your Hong Kong trading company are Citibank, HSBC, DBS. Still, banks are not your only option. Discover!

18 Apr 2022
hong kong trading company

The Only Guide You Need to Start a Hong Kong Trading Company

You are fascinated by the Hong Kong trading landscape. Let’s get started with this guide on how to start a Hong Kong trading company in just a few easy steps.

15 Apr 2022

Why You Should Choose Hong Kong to Set Up a Trading Business

Strategic location, free ports, global network of FTAs & straightforward incorporation are key reasons why you should start a Hong Kong trading company.

13 Apr 2022
Hong Kong trading outlook

Hong Kong Trading Outlook: What to Expect

Trading in Hong Kong can be a prime gateway towards trading for new businesses. Read on for an in-depth guide on Hong Kong trading.

23 Feb 2022

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