Belize Business Tax Implication – How Does It Affect Your BCs?

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Please note that under the new Belize Companies Act 2022, Belize IBCs are now recognized as Belize Business Companies (Belize BCs).

Business tax implications for IBCs in Belize

According to Amendment No.24/2018 of the International Business Companies Act in Belize, income tax was chargeable for all Belize-resident IBCs.

In the same year, Amendment No.26/2018 was also established which stated that all Belize IBCs were liable for an income tax rate of 1.75% – 3%.

But later in 2019, the principle of IBC taxation was significantly changed by the adoption of Amendment No.25/2019, the income tax was abolished for all IBCs except companies in petroleum industry. Another tax called Business Tax became chargeable on the income of resident IBCs in Belize.

Following these amendments, IBCs are no longer exempt from paying taxes within Belize. This means all Belize IBCs must pay business tax for all receipts of the company, regardless of where the receipts come from, and shall file annual tax returns, except IBCs that fall into exemption cases mentioned below.

The new tax regime has officially come into force on 1st January 2020, meaning all IBCs will have to comply with the taxation rule and might start paying taxes.

Key factors of Belize business tax

The key factors of business tax in Belize are listed below:

Tax rates

In Belize, the standard tax rate for regular trade and business activities is 1.75%. However, there are various tax rates applicable to specific business activities:

  • Professional services are taxed at a rate of 6%
  • Licensable financial services provided to non-residents are subject to a 3% tax
  • Rent is taxed at a rate of 3%

There are also various rates of tax for specific business activities, such as 6% for professional services, 3% for licensable financial services provided to non-residents, 3% for rent, etc.

The Belize business tax rate is calculated on total receipts, with no deductions allowed except for granted relief.

For International Business Companies (IBCs), the prescribed tax rates apply if they exceed the following annual revenue thresholds:

  • Trade business & other income: $75,000
  • Professional services: $20,000
  • Retail receipts: $9,600.

For the full list of tax rates on different business activities, click here.

Time and method of payment

The payment of estimated tax must be accompanied by filing annual tax returns due for the basis year.

Tax payment can be made online via bank transfer and must be done before 7 PM to be accounted for on the same day, any payment made after 7 PM would be accounted for the next working day.

Business tax exemption

Exemption from business tax is granted to IBCs that satisfy all of the requirements below:

The Belize Tax Administration has the authority to exchange information with jurisdictions that IBCs declare as their place of tax residency for the purpose of exemption from business tax.

If you need help with filing your Tax Exemption Form in Belize, feel free to chat with our support team for prompt assistance!

Did you know?

Did you know?

Your company will be subject to certain requirements whether it is exempt from Belize tax or not. You can check the tax status and related compliance duties of your company with Belize Tax Status Assessment Tool.

Tax obligations for IBCs in Belize

Apart from paying taxes, IBCs are required to fulfill certain obligations in accordance with the law, including:

Obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The Belize Tax Administration clearly states that every IBCs, with no exception, must have TIN so that regulatory and tax authorities can efficiently monitor the status of the IBCs.

In order to obtain a TIN in Belize, the IBCs would be required to submit the TIN registration BTS150 Form.

For full guidelines on how to file the BTS150 form and register your TIN, feel free to contact us via

File annual tax return

All Belizean IBCs are required to file annual business tax returns with the Belize Tax Service Department.

The tax return must be filed on or before 31st March each year. Please note that starting from the tax period ending on March 31, 2023, and for all subsequent years, taxpayers must submit their tax returns electronically to the Belize Tax Service Department (BTSD).

Submit financial statement

IBCs must also submit financial statements at the time of filing the annual tax return.

If the receipts of an IBC exceed $6 million or the IBC meets the requirements of Section 32A(1)(c) of the Income and Business Tax Act, the financial statements must be audited in accordance with IFRS.

Other IBCs shall submit financial statements audited in-house.

Liability for non-compliance of tax obligations

There will be penalties imposed for IBCs that fail to comply with the filing and payment deadlines and they are as follows:

  • Late or non-filing of business tax returns: 10% of the tax due every month that the return remains outstanding, minimum of $10 for a maximum period of twenty-four (24) months.
  • Late or non-payment of business tax:  a charge of 1.5% per month on all unpaid balance for every month while it remains outstanding.
  • Failure to file a tax return: a fine not exceeding 10,000 Belize dollars (4,952 US dollars) will be imposed if taxpayers fail to return a file or at least two years imprisonment.

According to the Tax Administration and Procedure Act, the time limit to collect outstanding tax and impose penalties is 6 years from the date of contravention.


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Due to the legislative changes, the tax landscape for International Business Companies in Belize is collectively affected. Nevertheless, IBCs still offer entrepreneurs a great platform to manage wealth and assets.

With BBCIncorp’s dedicated support and responsive consulting, business owners can register a company in Belize and comply with tax requirements with ease.

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Disclaimer: While BBCIncorp strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, the information itself is for reference purposes only. You should not substitute the information provided in this article for competent legal advice. Feel free to contact BBCIncorp’s customer services for advice on your specific cases.

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