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How to choose your best offshore company jurisdiction

Incorporating an offshore company is straightforward and easy. However, there may be a bunch of concerns associated with "Which is my best offshore jurisdiction to incorporate a company?".

Each offshore jurisdiction may show different features which are of great influence on your decision making. Normally, there are a set of parameters that you should take into consideration before reaching your best-suited option, key of those factors are as below:

  • Jurisdiction’s reputation
  • Compliance requirements
  • Banking needs
  • Taxation
  • Residency requirements
  • Processing time
  • Business structure
  • Incorporation cost
  • Tax treaty availability

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The following tables demonstrate 18 jurisdictions with key elements to take into account when establishing your overseas business

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Corporate income tax

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The following table compares different jurisdictions (maximum 3 at one time) in regard to crucial aspects that you need to know when incorporating.

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What is an offshore company?

An offshore company is incorporated in a jurisdiction which is different from the owner’s country of residence. In most cases, offshore companies are not allowed to conduct any economic activities within the offshore jurisdiction of incorporation; otherwise, it must be subject to tax and compliance requirements as applied to local companies. Learn more >>

What are benefits of offshore company?

Setting up an offshore company offers a wide range of benefits, chief of which include:

  • Favorable tax rates
  • Asset protection
  • Privacy
  • Corporate flexibility
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

What are required documents for an offshore company formation?

Needed documents for offshore company formation in each jurisdiction may be varied. However, primary information will include:

  • A certified copy of passport
  • A certified copy of residency proof
  • A detailed description of company’s activities

How long will it take to form an offshore company?

Processing time for your offshore company depends on each offshore location that you have chosen. Normally, you can get an offshore company opened as short as within 24 hrs to several working days.

Which are best offshore company jurisdictions?

No exact answer can be given. It depends on your choice of offshore jurisdiction in which meets your demands. Whether it is the best offshore company jurisdiction should be decided on a careful examination of key elements such as the jurisdiction’s reputation, business structure, incorporation and management cost, ease of incorporation, et cetera.