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Hong Kong is a dynamic place to live. It is also among the most robust business hubs in the world to incorporate a company. And if you are looking for a secure and sound financial center to open an offshore bank account, Hong Kong is relatively an option to go.

However, how to open a bank account in Hong Kong is a big concern for many people since they find it not as easy as what they can do in their home country. In this article, BBCIncorp shares you some useful tips for opening a bank account in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Bank Account

1. Opening a bank account in Hong Kong: Is it difficult?

Without any doubt, Hong Kong is among the most reputed jurisdictions in the world. It is a major international financial mecca integrated by its sophisticated network of banks and effectively transparent regulations.

Reputation of banks in Hong Kong are well recognized. Reported by HKMA, Hong Kong has had more than 70 of the largest 100 banks in the world, nearly 30 multinational banks establishing their regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong: Is it difficult?

Thanks to its reputation, Hong Kong becomes one of the top pick offshore banking jurisdictions for foreigners. Having said that, notwithstanding, opening a bank account in Hong Kong for foreigners is often attached to some challenges.

Many expats and non-residents, especially those with newly incorporated companies often face with some difficulties when they are going to open a bank account here. Some common problems are:

  • Due diligence procedure in Hong Kong
  • In-person appointments
  • Long wait time for the bank’s approval

2. How to open a bank account in Hong Kong: 3 Tips for 2020

2.1. Understand the procedure before opening your bank account

Applicants feel difficult since they still lack of knowledge for opening bank accounts.

There are many things that should be taken into account if you are going to open your bank account, especially in reputed offshore banking countries like Hong Kong or Singapore. Below are some key highlights in relation to Hong Kong bank account opening that you need to know:

Procedure to open bank accounts in Hong Kong

Opening Hong Kong bank accounts for foreigners

Hong Kong allows everybody to open a bank account, regardless of Hong Kong resident or non-resident. Note, however, that foreigners opening a bank account in Hong Kong may be subject to more additional requirements for verification/identification purpose, compared to that for a local resident.

Options for opening a bank account in Hong Kong

In the perspective of account holder, you may choose:

  • Personal bank account type: Applicable for any individual person who wishes to open a bank account in Hong Kong.
  • Corporate bank account type: Applicable for Hong Kong limited companies or overseas companies in Hong Kong.

Procedure to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong bank account opening is demonstrated in the four-step process as below:

  • Step 1. Collect required documents (*)
  • Step 2. Submit documents
  • Step 3. Process on-boarding/ Have a meeting with the bank officer
  • Step 4. Activate bank account

Note that requirements for this process may be varied, depending on your bank of choice.

Setting a corporate bank account is a bit more difficult than that for the basic account.

In addition to knowing the KYC obligations, non-resident enterprises are required to attach additional documents like business proof.

Furthermore, all directors, beneficial owners and shareholders with no less than 10% or other pre-specified rates of the company shares must attend the interview with the representative of the bank for opening a Hong Kong bank account.

Each bank may set out certain requirements for non-residents to set up a bank account in Hong Kong. However, the complete account opening process in Hong Kong can normally take up to 15 working days.

(*) Hong Kong set out strict anti-money laundering regulations. Under the guidance of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and in line with international best practice, all banks in Hong Kong need to check due diligence on both new and existing customers to get better understanding about them.

Required documents for opening a bank account in Hong Kong

Some documents that personal and business customers need to prepare to open a bank account in Hong Kong are as the followings:

Hong Kong bank account opening – Documents required

Person bank account

Corporate bank account

Account application formsAccount application forms
Passport or HK ID cardPassports of all members
Proof of addressProof of residency of all members
Bank statements in the most recent 6 monthsBank statements in the most recent 6 months
Bank reference letter dated in 3 monthsBank reference letter dated in 3 months
CVCompany documents – i.e., Business Registration Certificate with CR, Certificate of Incorporation with IRD, Articles of Association, etc.
Additional documents requested by the bankA detailed business plan
Proof of business – i.e., contracts, supplier invoices, client payments, website, etc. (applicable for companies already active over 6 months)

Fee and charges associated with Hong Kong bank accounts

Below are some kinds of fee and charges associated with Hong Kong bank accounts:

Types of deposit/charge/feePayable amount (for reference only)
Initial depositHKD 10,000 – 50,000
Minimum balanceHKD 50,000 – 500,000, otherwise charge of HKD 200 on a monthly basis
Processing feeUp to 10,000 HKD
Appointment meeting feeHK 1,200 – 1,350
Order of international credit cardHKD 30,000 – 50,000
Foreign transfer feeHKD 115 – 120
Early closure feeHKD 200

It should be noted that fee requirements may be varied from bank to bank, depending on the applicants’ bank of choice.

2.2. Open bank account in Hong Kong remotely

Some say foreigners cannot open a Hong Kong bank account remotely?

In reality, overseas customers may have several ways to open bank accounts in Hong Kong. But the in-person visit requirement for opening a Hong Kong bank account creates difficulty and inconvenience for foreigners. All applicants (and relevant company directors) wishing to open a bank account in Hong Kong must be present for the application interview in Hong Kong.

Open bank account in Hong Kong remotely

Having said that, opening a bank account remotely is still possible with the following solutions:

  • Branch application

Non-residents can opt for “branch application” as one viable solution to minimize the complexity. They can find the international bank with the foothold in Hong Kong (HSBC for example).

By this way, they can visit the bank right in their home country to fulfill all needed paperwork before arriving Hong Kong to complete the final steps for the opening process. Do note that only some banks provide this option, and individual branch has its own policy regarding this matter. So you should better consult your desired bank or a trusted banking introducer to know about this option at your nearest bank’s branch.

  • Set up virtual bank accounts in Hong Kong

What makes the digital bank accounts, i.e. Neat business account, really stand out for overseas customers is the fact that it allows remote registration for bank account opening. The modern technologies would be effectively utilized in order to streamline the traditional process and everything completely done online.

  • Take advantage of support policies of some Hong Kong banks

During COVID-19, some Hong Kong banks allow businesses to open their corporate bank account without a direct presence in Hong Kong!

You may find out more: DBS Hong Kong to allow remote bank account opening

Whatever the solution you may choose for your Hong Kong bank account opening, it is advised that you should engage a professional service provider in Hong Kong who will help them to get everything done in advance. With no doubt, the local knowledgeable financial advisors will always know the rules for how to open a bank account in Hong Kong in the most effective manner.

2.3. Open offshore bank accounts for Hong Kong companies

Open offshore bank account for HK companies

If you are planning to form a company in Hong Kong and wondering about the difficulty of opening a Hong Kong bank account, you are recommended to think of offshore bank accounts.

Opening a bank account is one of the key requirements for incorporated companies in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong companies are NOT compulsory to own a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. Instead, they can register a bank account in other countries.

By dint of its good reputation, Hong Kong companies are typically welcomed in most foreign countries, allowing them to easily open a bank account.

You may feel interested: Banking options for Hong Kong companies

3. How to open a bank account in Hong Kong with BBCIncorp Limited

BBCIncorp Limited Hong Kong has more than 12 years of fruitful relationship with an extensive network of both local and international banks in Hong Kong. Our local knowledgeable financial experts are available to support bank account opening for your Hong Kong companies at any time.

We are proud of being one of the best support teams for the bank account opening in Hong Kong. We serve our customers with “One-time fee for multi-bank support”. If it is the case that you fail to register with your initial bank of choice, BBCIncorp will continuously support customers other viable options in Singapore, the BVI, Belize and other jurisdictions until you reach the bank account opened.

  • What are our banking partners in Hong Kong?

DBS bank Standard Chartered       Fubon bank    OCBC Wing Hang

HSBC Bank Bank of East Asia    Hang Seng Bank

  • What are our banking partners in overseas countries?

Please visit Banking Support to get the full list!

For those companies looking an all-in-one package including Hong Kong Company Formation & Business Bank Account Opening, BBCIncorp also supports you for the best combo!

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