Hong Kong Holding Company: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will teach you everything you need to register a Hong Kong holding company and how it benefits your investment portfolio.

17 Jun 2022
hong kong sole proprietorship

Everything About Hong Kong Sole Proprietorship – A Foreign Entrepreneurs Guide

If you’re running your business as an individual, incorporating as a sole proprietorship in Hong Kong might be the best option for you. Let’s discover!

8 Jun 2022

Hong Kong Directors Duties: What Are Exactly Their Roles?

Ensure your company will run smoothly and comply with the law by understanding Hong Kong directors’ duties and responsibilities in a Hong Kong company.

6 Jun 2022
nominee director for Hong Kong businesses

Nominee Director in Hong Kong – The Ultimate Guide You’ll Ever Need

A nominee director is a common practice in Hong Kong, which can help you conceal your identity, protect yourself from the public gaze, and bring certain tax advantages for your business. Discover more in detail now!

10 May 2022
business registration certificate in hong kong

5 Questions To Ask About Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

A business registration certificate is an important document that proves your business is registered and legally operating in Hong Kong. Learn more about how to obtain it in this article.

22 Mar 2022
BRN Hong Kong blog cover

What Is Business Registration Number In Hong Kong?

Almost all types of businesses must get business registration number in Hong Kong to pay taxes and fulfill relevant administrative tasks. So, what is it?

9 Mar 2022
hong kong city night view

Hong Kong Business Trends After Mid-2021: New Updates [Infographic]

Check out our infographic capturing Hong Kong’s economic recovery post-Covid-19 outbreak and the top five business trends to rise in 2021.

29 Jun 2021
private limited company in Hong Kong

All You Should Know About Private Limited Company In Hong Kong

Looking for an entity type in Hong Kong that is best suited for SMEs? With tons of benefits, a private limited company remains the top choice of investors.

21 Dec 2020
guide to doing business in Hong Kong

Doing Business In Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide For Foreigners

Here is a guide to doing business in Hong Kong for foreigners! The blog covers all you need to know about the benefits of forming a business in Hong Kong and how to start it.

26 Nov 2020
company registration checking tool in Hong Kong

Useful Checking Tools For Your Hong Kong Company Registration

There are some tools to help you check your company status and what licenses you need to prepare before registering a Hong Kong company. Check out the guide to those useful tools!

19 Oct 2020

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