Uk company confirmation statement

File UK Company Confirmation Statement (Annual Return) in 2022

Filing UK company confirmation statement, or UK annual return is mandatory for all companies registered within the kingdom. This is a guide you can’t miss!

14 Feb 2022

What Does Running a UK Limited Company Look Like?

If you’re a business owner of a limited company in the UK with questions on how to proceed with daily operations, look no further than this article here.

11 Feb 2022
limited company for freelancers in the UK

Limited Company In The UK – A Promising Path For Freelancers

Freelancing is fun until your business scales in size and profits, with tons of tax and liability. Good news? A limited company can solve it all.

20 Jan 2022
UK Limited partnership blog cover

Registering a UK Limited Liability Partnership in 2022

A UK limited liability partnership (LLP) has the same limited liability protection as an LLC while offering higher involvement in business handlings.

24 Sep 2021

Starting an Online Business in the UK for Beginners

To start a UK online business, you will need to get the ideas, register a company, apply for a business account, and build at least a website. Learn more!

7 Jun 2021

Brexit – Corporate Tax Implications for EU-UK Trading Relationships

Things have changed for UK businesses from a tax perspective after Brexit. Make sure you consider the UK corporate tax impact that comes into effect.

20 May 2021
big ben london

Company Formation in the UK and Things to Consider

The United Kingdom is an ideal destination for global entrepreneurs to conduct their business and is also a popular choice for offshore company formation.

13 May 2021

A Noteworthy Guideline To Start Your Business In The UK Today: 2022 Update

To start a business in the UK, you will need to pick the type of business entity, form the company and apply for a bank account. Learn all the steps now!

26 Apr 2021
private limited company in the UK

Private Limited Company – An Emerging Form of Business in the UK

Everything you need to know about forming a Private Limited Company in the UK – the pros and cons, formation requirements, and legal responsibilities.

15 Apr 2021

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